Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fuckyea Bikes, Fuckyea Cars and Fuckyea Shredding!

Just a random spattering of radness from around the webz:

First off, scope out this sweet NOS 1977 Gazelle Champion:

The same seller also has a few other rad whips like this Wheeler Chiostra single speed:

Lovin' that paint!

How about this Redline Rasta BMX jammer:

Speaking of BMX, the prices on these, two, Bob Haro signed number plates are pretty reasonable:

This video is kinda corny until you see what he get's down to on a Tandem:

Speaking of tandems, how about this Co-Motion QUAD:

Then, not corny are these dudes from Jersey that I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HANG OUT WITH:

Also, I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT until the 2013 Grand Prix which is happening RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE:

I ride that route every single day and I am beyond stoked to watch those mofoz rip the fuck through there :-D

Then there's this rippin' video from Thrasher covering Chili bowl 8:

So sick!

Now, can someone PLEASE tell me why there are any bids on this thing at all let alone 4?!

Kinda wish I was an attendee at the 1989 Interbike Expo just to see someone making an attempt to make this sale:

Speaking of a hard sell, this 70cm Cinelli Super Corsa most likely takes the cake!

Dag, right?! Tho if you were dating this one you might be hella stoked..

Last on the list of rando bike shit from today is this ebay auction for an entire collection of bikes:

Crazy huh?! Talk about instant mega hipster status if you've got the cash right? I'd be SUPER interested in scoping out those 20+ boxes the seller mentions. Christ what I wouldn't give to have stumbled upon that shit before the seller had a chance to do some investigating on the internet. Lucky fuck. Tho to be honest, considering what's there and the potential the 20+ boxes likely have, paying the lower bid of $23,000 might not be that bad. I'd toss a solid like 15k at him to see if he'd budge first tho..

However 15k can also buy you one of these:

..or a Victory Judge:

Basically your choice of a bunch of old bikes, or one new one..

Descisions, decisions..

Anyways, I have off from work the next four days in a row so ahm PEACIN' DA FUCK OUT!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just when you thought things couldn't get any stupider..








Christ there's even a video:

f you're wondering why there's no sound, it's because they knew there'd be no point in making your ears bleed now that you're suffering from hysterical blindness. Yet somehow they're up for an award for that fucking thing. Unreal..

Honestly, I think I would've totally accepted it had it not reached past the prototype phase:

Well, not really..

In any case, I think the moral of this story is that:





Monday, August 27, 2012

Currently rebooting...........................

Wow, it's insane that an entire MONTH has gone by without a single post on CWMD. That most certainly is a record! Hopefully one I won't repeat anytime soon..

As you all know, I've been under the weather the last few months and it was an INSANELY huge fucking bummer. It actually got to the point where it was laughable. Lymes, followed by food poisoning, followed by a nightmarish vacation with family, followed by a sunburn from hell, ending with a 9 hour flight home surrounded by screaming babies suffering from a miserable cold at altitude..

The good news is that I've FINALLY made it out from under all the sickness and I'm feelin' fine again..




Goddamn that sucked. I mean, it's totally first world bitching and could have been A LOT worse, but it still sucked. Not as much as not being able to find malaria free water, but still- SO MUCH ART AND BSING ABOUT BIKES WAS NOT ACCOMPLISHED!!!

Speaking of BSing about bikes, you should buy my buddy Chris's Joe Bell repainted Nagasawa from him cause it's a steal at $1800 complete (Austin):

More photos on Prollz blarg..

I saw it in person during my NAHBS visit there when Chris just got it back from JB and man, what a lovely goddamn paint job!

UPDATE: Crap, looks like he sold it. Ehh, still worth a mention due to sexy appeal..

As for the art and or building etc, fucking nada. Not a single thing accomplished the last few months. Like, nothing-nothing. I couldn't even think of going near the shop. Even after spending two something weeks in Croatia carrying my gear everywhere, all I have to show for it is this one lousy snap:

Well, there's also this one of Ross who stopped by to visit and laugh at my sunburn during his month long jaunt around Europe:

..stank ass mofo

Normally I'd be shitting myself if I wasn't working on some POS thing but with everything going on, or rather everything NOT going on with my body, my mind eventually eventually succumbed to the same lethargic old man feeling that the rest of me was going through. I just didn't have the normal energy to do anything since the Lymes made me wicked tired all the time. Didn't take long for my mind to follow..

You know what the truly horrible thing was about all this? It wasn't that I was tired all the time and my mind turned to mush or that I had to take 5 pills a day for three weeks straight.. It was my unfortunate discovery that the meds I was taking, didn't even remotely lend themselves to getting stoney AT ALL. Now that my friends, was the final twist of the shiv Lymes had stuck in my back. 



I mean, where the fuck else am I supposed to draw any inspiration from? The world around me?? Yeah, not likely ;-)

Like I said, I'm need of a major reboot. My mind needs to get back on track. It's going to be a slow process but it's nothing I haven't recovered from before. Here's where y'all bitchez come into play:










I don't fucking care what it is or how all over the blogs it is. I really need to be inundated with bike shit right now. Send me anything, good, bad funny, mundane- ANYTHING!

I was lucky to have spent a little time at my buddy Atanz & Devotion's sweet loft recently and it was really awesome being surrounded by tons of bikes and parts and the various convos about said items. It reminded me of what I'd been missing out on the last few months..

What I haven't been missing out on the last few months is tearing ass around town on the 08' Kawasaki 500r I bought earlier in the summer:

Seriously, that thing saved me during my depths with the Lymes. It gave me something to look forward to that's hella exciting and terrifying as fuck at the same time. Especially since I couldn't do fuck all physically otherwise. But yeah, not too big, not too small. The perfect starter bike. Only 700 miles on it when I got it! It's been great for commuting and running errands around town instead of using my car. Yeah, yeah, yeah- 'duuuuhh, why don't you just ride a bike?' It's got two wheels and an engine dumbass- don't ask stupid questions! Nevermind the fact that 15 bucks in gas gets me around 250 miles per tank..

..I totally want something different now but I just, can't, decide, what, to get. One thing for sure, something recent or new and anything but a godforsaken Harley. I decided that while I'm very interested in continuing riding motorcycles, I don't want it to become another all encompassing hobby. I'm eventually going to get something new(ish) and ride it. Not fuck around in my shop with something old when what I really should be focusing on is building super rad bike shit. I keep trying to tell myself I've made an adult decision but it bums me out more than anything else. I LOVE fucking around with that shit! Just too much right now. Need to keep things in the shop more clean and concise..

ANYways.. Before this shit turns into anymore of a motorcycle jerkfest.. 

Check out this SICK skate video:

How fucking GNAR is that dude? Killer fucking part..

Here's another one:

Best east coast skater I've seen in a while. WORST fucking song tho!

Oh right.. bikes..

Does anyone have a vintage LF Campy rear track hub in 36 hole? I got a set of these recently for a wheel build:

Problem is that the seller sent me a 36 front and 32 rear. SO. ANNOYING.

I have some super sweet NOS Saavedra Turbos they're going to get laced to one of these days.. 

So was everyone super excited to see Premium Rush this past opening weekend or what?

I have yet to see it but I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that while amusing and entertaining, it'll likely be CHOCK FULL of face palming moment after face palming moment. I mean, I'd be shocked if I came out of there being like- THAT WAS AWESOME! More like, uuuugh, no more fixies for the love of god! But don't worry, I won't be hating on cycling as much as this guy..

I actually saw some chick the other day, who looked like a heavy set asian/latino mix, or just one of those chunky asian girls who likes to think she's a tough latin babe, riding what appeared to be a gold pake frame, with a black front aerospoke and a bright ass orange aerospoke on the rear. Yeah, it was a sight. Not so much for sore eyes as it making my eyes sore bleed. ughh..

But that's how things have been going in our fair city these days. There's this whole new crop of kids out there blazin' kooky colored fixies with aerospokes, not giving a shit about how stupid they look to those of us who started wwwaaaaaayyyy back when in good ol' 2005. We've matured and moved past all that shit. For those of us lucky enough to still have a small supply of cartilage in our knees after all those schweet brakeless skids, are now riding cyclocross. When we're not riding road bikes on groomed dirt paths, we're riding a beat up MASI or Colnago Master, decked out with plastic platform pedals, risers and a cheap shit basket up front..

So in essence, the bike fashions in NYC still remain as on point as ever ;-)

Unless you're in japan and doing shit like this:

Which basically means like their hardware, light years ahead of us!

In other news, this Saturday November 8th is the fall Brooklyn Bike Jumble:

More info here..

There's also the Philly Bike Expo coming up this October 27th and 28th:

..and what the F is up with these???:

I need a set..

Only I want these hubz too:

Too funny huh? Thanks Lyle! (you should check this out BTW ((Thanks Matt!)) )

Welp, that's about all I've got for now. A BIG, HUGE thanks to everyone who sent various get well messages! If any went unanswered it's cause I was away from the webz during my trip and wasn't really checking on internet things very often and well let's be honest, I'm horrible at getting back to people. I def appreciate it all the same tho!

More in the coming days with any luck SO STOP BEING A LAZY TWAT AND SEND ME SOMETHING ALREADY! Comments are open to non blogger users BTW..