Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just a few snaps from Bike Fetish Day 2012..

Just went through my photos and there wasn't a whole lot worth posting. Here's a few in any case:

This year's BFD was great but due to the Memorial day weekend, wasn't quite as chock full-o-vendors and bike weirdos as previous years. Hence the lack of photos. Good times all the same tho!

The best part was getting to hang out and enjoy bike stuffs with friends without everyone knowing it was my birthday :-)


For the longest time..

..I would hate on those wicked douchey looking guys with totally hot babes hangin' off their arm. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty stoked to be one of those douchey guys:

Seen on fucking Gothamist!

Pretty stoked on my rack being front and center along with the fact I'm wearing a shirt that says cunt (backwards for car mirrors) on it :-)

I'm working on some photos from that day now so I'll be sure to post em up soon..


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bike Fetish day TODAY in Brooklyn! Come check it out!!

Super fun day full of bikes, weirdos and more bikes!


Bens' Cycle Memorial Day 15% Off Sale 3 Days ONLY!!

Here's your chance to get some great deals on choice gear during this holiday weekend!:


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chrome Custom Military Salvage - Memorial Day Program!

I thought this was pretty damn cool of Chrome so I figured I'd put it out there for you vets:

Last year US Army Vehicle Commander Jared Morford
of Watertown, South Dakota reached out to Chrome to make a Custom Salvage bag with the duffle he carried to Iraq. Chrome’s Custom Salvage Citizen was born.
In honor of Memorial Day, Chrome is launching a Custom Military Salvage Program for U.S. Military veterans and their families. If they bring in their military duffles or fatigues to one of Chrome’s four HUBs (SF, NY, CHI, or PDX), we'll use the material to create a custom Citizen Messenger bag.

How rad is that?! 
Also, to the people at Chrome:


You know there'd be a TON of trendy neon sunglass wearing assholes out there being like: 

'aww yea maaan, zo kewl and street!!' 

Just strikes me as being more of a badge of honor than some yuppie twatbag bag..

Def fucking awesome and I really hope I see some of these out there in the future!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Brooklyn Bike Jumble Spring 2012!

Man was the Jumble ever loaded with great shit! So much so that I barely even shot any photos. Didn't help that the super contrastiness of the bright sun and cool shade made it not the funnest anyways. In any case, here's what I did get:

Cooper's schweet Merckx:


USA GT and something in all chrome:

Neat, obscure and inexpensive:

Lovely Bianchi: 

A table full o goodies:

Sorry Chris, there were no open face salsa stems to be had as far as I saw..

I was super stoked cause Rosko said he was going to show up with some frame building materials and tools. Naturally I bought a bunch of stuff from him:

Best thing is how I got that box home!

Another reason why I'm stoked I put some drop bars on the Yamaguchi school bike. The only thing holding that box down was the EC90s- so good! xD

Larger photos on my flickr page..

It was great hanging out and BSing with the various folks there. I would've stayed longer but my buddy Mark and I ended up making a run out to the Far Rockaways concrete skatepark:

Neither of us had been there so it was pretty cool checking it out. Would've been a lot more fun if I wasn't so out of practice, old and bitchy..

Def need to go back again during the week when there's a lot less gromz on their fucking razors and their big box retailer super shitty BMX MTB boat anchor things. How the fuck are you going to spend all the time, money and effort into building a huge polished concrete skatepark and let anyone under 4' walk in there riding something that'll only destroy everything it touches? I love how parents look at places like that as if it's a grass field with a slide and some swing sets. Keep those lil bastards out for fucks sake! If they have to let em in, there should be a designated time or day. Not just letting em into the mix with 150+ pound dudes flying the fuck around..

Like I said.. bitchy..


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stoned Tone and da Prollz..

Since I've been on a wicked Tumblr kick as of late, I've been finding lots of old photos I never posted before. Some bad, some good. Here's a couple from the day John and I hung out after I had finished my Mini Tall Bruiser:

Prollz putzing around on one of the little banks under the BQE (not sharp, cropped in too closely, shitty background):

Then Stoned Tone rolled by on his at the time, newly purchased for a stellar price, Pinarello with all Campy goodness (bright shitty light):

The great thing about John riding the Bruiser is that about a year prior to the photo, he had jokingly made the suggestion to the guys at Ben's Cycle to send me a couple of their Milwaukee Bruiser frames to chop up. Then bam, there he is riding it! Now you understand why I was bummed I didn't get a better photo. Fucking asshole. As much as I love riding what I consider to be my favorite bike of all time, there's always room for improvement. I'm really looking forward to building a new 2.0 version from scratch real soon :-D

Thanks again to John and Ben's for hooking it up!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Dag, a NOS Richard Sachs 70's Track frame??!!!


Same dude is also selling a MINT condition one as well:



NY Brooklyn Bike Jumble THIS SATURDAY!!

This weekend's shaping up to be another lovely one weather wise so try and make it out if you can. Earlier the better if you want some proper deals! See yo mofoz there!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awesome eBay Round up: Alex Singer, Frejus and MORE!

Beautiful old Alex Singer tandem in need of a restore or mantle to hang from:

Then on the COMPLETE other end of the spectrum is this crazy ass Specialized TT bike with wacky paint:

Oh and hey a Campagnolo workstand in used condition for only $5000:

Wow, check out how AWESOME this restored Frejus! looks:

Then there's also this, this, this, this and ZOMG THIS!!!:

Mind officially blown on that last one huh?!