Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nova Cycle Supply MAX Aero Fork Kit and the usual TL;DR!

Just got one of these kits from Nova the other day for the new frame I'm just about done with. It comes with everything you need and all fits together pretty damn well. Here's the semi finished product:

Only took me a couple of hours to go from the box to the flux water bath- awesome!

It currently weights in at 1.78lbs or 810 grams WITH like 12" of uncut steerer tube. Should be closer to 1.6-something once I've got it fit properly. I'm hoping they do one of their monthly sales on these bad boys cause I would def buy a bunch to build up..

As for the frame it's going on.. It's SUPER fuken funky and super close to being completed which I'm pretty stoked on! I'd just about given up with getting it done in time for the Philly Expo this weekend when I suddenly caught myself and was like, stop being such a bitch and just bang this shit out already! With that, I didn't stop all day and until I'd gotten to a good place with it. Finishing up for the night not more than a few hours ago. I was so possessed I completely forgot to ingest any sustenance the until like 10pm. WTF right? Who goes all day like that without eating?! It was totally worth it cause not only am I not stressin' as bad as the last few days, but when I finally did sit down, the greek food I ate was THE JAM..

Part of the reason why I started feeling better about things was my realization that this thing didn't have to be absolutely perfect. The design is pretty out there, the mix of tubing is equally out there, it's my first time using all new tooling/techniques and I haven't built a frame since the Yamaguchi course if you can believe that shit. I came to the conclusion that putting a ton of time and effort into the finishing work, money into a proper paint job and all new parts group etc on a completely untested funky new frame design, didn't seem like the best idea. I'm just gonna have fun with this one and see how I feel about it. There's a few pieces of tubing that I'd like to have specifically made for this design instead of my dumbass having to custom rig stuff to get it to fit right. Thankfully I was able to pull a few of my old freak bike makin' tricks out of the bag to gitrdone :-)

Having said all that BS, the frame looks super sick. I've showed a few friends and they concur. Amped to get this thing finished and all built up! All I need to do is toss on a binder bolt, finish up a couple of fillets, clean all of them up a little bit and paint da bitch. What color, I have yet to decide. I have two groups I can toss on it but am also undecided. Part of me doesn't want to put anything too funky on it. Would rather people focus on the frame itself. Who knows. That's for me to figure out tomorrow..

In any case, I'll be at the Expo Sunday. Let's hope the weather holds out cause I'm really looking forward to the swap meet and taking the new street beast out for a spin!


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