Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Awesome eBay Round up: Alex Singer, Frejus and MORE!

Beautiful old Alex Singer tandem in need of a restore or mantle to hang from:

Then on the COMPLETE other end of the spectrum is this crazy ass Specialized TT bike with wacky paint:

Oh and hey a Campagnolo workstand in used condition for only $5000:

Wow, check out how AWESOME this restored Frejus! looks:

Then there's also this, this, this, this and ZOMG THIS!!!:

Mind officially blown on that last one huh?!


1 comment:

craig said...

Love those big gulp bars. Nothing beat cruising with friends on the bikes with a slurpee in tow, but that would have made life much easier.

Also love how non chalantly that lefty bmx fork is hanging out.