Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage 1988 Schwinn Prologue Lo Pro frame and more 24" wheel madness!

While I've told myself not to buy any new frames, outside of holy grail and dirt mufuckin' cheap ass ones, I couldn't help but swoop this one up:

LOVE those super skinny vertical Schwinn Logos F+R!

Now you might be thinking, what in fuck's name are you going to do with that thing?!

Well, I mostly got it cause it was A) cheap as hell and B) I wanted the rim to match one I already have:


I also wanted to check out the geo on the frame and fork since I was thinking about screwing around with a 24" wheeled frame of my own. It's been my list of kooky contraptions ever since I regretably passed on the Zinn TT bike a while back..

I also picked up 3, 24" Saavedra Turbo rims. 2 with tubulars in NOS condition and one in good used cond:

Also wicked cheap. 


In case you're wondering, here's what a 24" wheel looks like next to a standard 700c:

..and what the bike looks like sitting on wheels:

If that doesn't give you a clear indication as to why these style bikes were reffered to as funny bikes, nothing will. Shit is cray-cray!

Here's a snap of one with a more original style set up:

..aaaand what I expect it'll look like once the next owner gets his or her hands on it:

So reddic but pretty awesome in a so bad it cancels itself out and becomes awesome again way, hehe. 

Best part is that the frame and fork are in really lovely NEAR MINT condition! This guy is def going back up on the bay, with the used Saavedra rim, once I've completed my analyzation of it..

Larger snaps up on my Flickr page..

You can find lots more info and photos on Lo Pro Cycling Club



Unknown said...

This is hilarious! The original style set up Prologue is my exact bike! You'll enjoy the crap out of this frame, I know I am with mine. Also, yours is in stellar condition! How do you plan on building yours? And don't worry, I won't let my Prologue end up like that poor Pinarello..

wisdom like silence said...

Saw a Nishiki frame almost identical to this in both geo and paint recently on the Portland craigslist. Was very tempted...

What model year is yours, do you know? It seems like they only made these for one or two years (before they got banned by the UCI?)

rio blanco racing said...

i have that zinn. it now has HED cx front and rear. keith anderson track stem and cinelli bullhorns. need to find a crank.