Monday, April 23, 2012

This is pretty awesome..

..if it's real:

Don't know a thing about it yet. Just saw it on the forum. Here's a couple more awesome things while I'm at it:

In other news I got my motorcycle license this past weekend via the MSF course:


I grabbed that GZ250 in front since it was the only and most powerful bike there. Shit was fun despite the rain the next day..

Super stoked to get out there to practice and put down some serious miles. If any of you guys know of some good deals on motorcycles or have something lying around you don't use anymore be sure to let me know! It's been pretty fun wrenching on my CB but I don't think it'll be done anytime soon. Def want to scoop up something cheap to tool around on soon..

Anyways, sorry things have been slow here lately. Last couple of weeks were my super busy closing weeks in which my mind is turned to mush. Next couple are slow and I have photos of cool shit I'll be posting shortly.. Stay tuned..


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smellsofbikes said...

I *love* that GT cafe/idunnowhat bike.