Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Even MORE Tubing!

Got this in a couple weeks ago but only got around to checking it out yesterday:

I won it on ebay from Tony Maietta. He decided to scale down his frame building so he posted a bunch of stuff up for sale. Couldn't resist getting even more tubing in esp for such a great price! Here's the breakdown of what was included:

7 - 68mm x 38mm English Threaded BB Lugless with No Holes
1 - Paragon PF30 BB shell Stainless Steel
1 - 600mm x 36mm Columbus Head Tube
1 - 380mm x 36mm Columbus Head Tube (cut from 600mm tube)
1 - 620mm x 28.6 x 0.50/0.38/0.6 Columbus Spirit Seat Tube
2 - 635mm x 31.7mm x 0.8/0.5 Columbus Life Seat Tube
1 - 560mm x 28.6mm x 0.75/0.4/0.6 Columbus Life Seat Tube
3 - 650mm x 35.0mm x 0.65/0.45/0.65 Columbus Life Down Tube
2 - 570mm x 28.6mm x 0.65/0.4/0.65 Columbus Life Top Tube
1 - 496mm miter to miter Columbus Tear Drop Top Tube
6 - 560mm x 17mm x 0.5 Columbus Life S-Bend Seat Stays
7 - 410mm x 30/16mm x 0.7/0.5 Columbus Life S-Bend Chain Stays
1 - 150mm Paragon InSet Head Tube
3 - 31.7 OD x 27.2 ID Paragon Stainless Steel Seat Tube Top
1 - Complete Columbus Spirit 7 Tube Set: Bi-Oval Down Tube, 28.6 Round Seat Tube, Octagonal Top Tube, Unique Spirit Chain Stays, & Unique Spirit Seat Stays
4 - Strawberry Wishbones
4 - Steel Oval Chain Stays (Non-Columbus)
4 - 28.6 Steel Tubes (Non-Columbus)
3 - 31.7 Steel Tubes (Non-Columbus)




pablo said...

When are we gonna see some of your builds? Been waiting ever since your yamaguchi adventure to see some new stuff.

Alan Sikirič said...

Soon enough man! My Anvil jig should be coming in next week :-D