Friday, April 6, 2012

Blogger is dead, isn't it..?

This is a trend I've been noticing over the last year or so with other blogging sites/hosts becoming more and more popular. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what to do. Should I switch to another more popular and user friendly site? Stick around here, hope google gets their shit together and updates blogger..?

With other sites like Tumblr, Wordpress and VIRB offering a lot more features along with allowing you to have a more professional look for next to nothing cost wise, it seems like a no brainer right?

VIRB is really great and offers up A LOT of creative control and sleek professional looks. Which would be a great site to showcase my photography and any future bike building stuff. From VIRB, you can link your Tumblr blog. Which is great and all but I kind of have this love hate relationship with Tumblr. It seems to have gotten better over the years tho. Wordpress seems like the a good choice as well although there's something about it that bothers me as well..

Then it begs the question: Which site of what's out there do you guys prefer and or think is my best bet if I were to switch? Or should I skip the idea altogether and hang back here on Blogger?

I added a new poll on the sidebar since none of you mofoz ever comment here anymore. Let me know what you think there! If you have any other suggestions be sure and let me know via comment/email..



mob said...

I used blogger with Positivo Espresso for three years. It is pretty easy to use and fast to post new blogs. Sine this year I am using wordpress for cyclitis. There are much more choices and it looks much better. However it took massive amounts of time to set up the whole site. If you have the time to do that - use word press or other, more sophisticated soft.

Lucky Man said...

This one seems totally adequate and easy to enjoy. I don't have any negative comparisons regarding the formatting of this site vs. Any other blogs I visit (= a lot). They are just different. That being said, I like change.

smellsofbikes said...

FWIW I read your stuff every day, because it's on my google start page. I just rarely have anything intelligent to say.