Sunday, April 29, 2012

Asking a bit much?: The $10,000 Pogliaghi Tarck

Would you pay anywhere near the asking price on vintage track bike that was rechromed, has re-pro decals and a drilled fork?:

"I am taking no prisoners on this bike. She was built for a purpose and is perhaps THE SINGLE BEST example of her kind in the United States, perhaps The World, today."

'Take no prisoners'? Dude should be put in prison for asking that much, not to mention the rest of the BS he's slangin'!! I mean, yeah, it's pretty but even if the whole thing came out of a box in tantalizing NOS condition, the price would still be totally scoffed at. Shit, not even a NOS matched road and tarck set wouldn't fetch that kind of cash!

I'd be surprised if he got 2gs for that thing.. nnnNEXT!


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Auntie Maim said...

The "if you don't know me by now" and "I own the finest bikes in the world" blather is so why I stay well clear of that CR hen house. The irony is in him excluding himself from ever seeing a lot of great bikes with those statements.