Monday, February 27, 2012

Some sweet street lockers and WTF should I do about this coming weekend???

Been seeing this Crusty ass Colnago locked up a few doors down from my girl's place for a while now. There's never not an overabundance of smelly trashed right next to it..

Then there's this Jackson I saw outside of MOMA today which I feel like I've either seen before and or know the person it belongs to:

In other news the Handmade Gift Swap was yesterday and RULED! I'll have a post up about it tomorrow most likely..

Also exciting is that after a year plus of having to go without, I'll FINALLY have health insurance again starting on the 1st:


Along with not so stupid shit as well. I forced myself to take it easy this past year to avoid accidentally fucking my shit up and incurring an exorbitant medical bill like every other unlucky asshole in this country. So as you can imagine I am very, very fucking excited to get some real skateboarding and down and dirty hooning done soon :-D

Then there's the great debate I'm struggling with right now is:

To NAHBS, or not to NAHBS???

Part of me really wants to go again but the more sensible side of me is desperately trying to win out. After going to the last two I feel like I can skip a year and it won't be too big a deal. This year requires a 6ish hour flight to Cali and I don't really want to take any time off / pay for hotel costs. Meaning, leaving friday night and coming back Sunday night. Also, I has no bike which is another bit of a bummer. 

But then, part of me REALLY wants to go since I had such a blast at the last one in Austin! My boy Lyle will be there to screw about with, Prolly could fill his ball busting quota for the year on me along with all the hobnobbing to be done with the rest of the bike weirdos in attendance..

So yeah, I can be assured of good times but I can also expect to burn like a grand plus on expenses, whatever impulsive buys I make at the show itself and all the tastiest greasiest morsels I'll be sure to nosh on while in town. The money thing isn't too big a deal but I've really been trying to stay focused on getting the rest of my Anvil tools into the shop.

I suppose you guys could fill me in on happenings going on that are not to be missed and or shit to check out while in Sacramento. Otherwise I'm still on the fence about what to do..


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Zoso said...

A couple of pro reasons to go:

The weather here in Sacramento has been pretty freaking nice.

Greater downtown, especially on the weekend, is super easy to bike around.

The show is on the final weekend of beer week.