Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Handmade Gift Swap 4!!!

Goddamn was I ever stoked for this years' gift swap! Here's some snaps from the day:

Lots more on my flickr set!

Everyone gave and got rad shit so it was a great time. Not only was I stoked on the day but Justin announced that he would like to organize another gift swap during the summer- FUCKING AWESOME! Super stoked to hear that an event I really enjoy participating in will now be happening twice a year. Good shit..

I'm sure you noticed someone in there holding their very own newly minted Hail Satan Porteur and beefy cross fork. That's my buddy Mark and I figured he'd be stoked on it. Yes, I made one for someone for free. Fuck it right?! I need beta testers out there in the real world so I'll be making a bunch of stuff for close friends over the next few months. Here's a better snap of it:

Still have a little finishing work to do on it before it gets painted etc. I'll have more pics of it once it's mounted. While it was a lot easier making the second one, it was still a complete pain in the fucking ass. Def came out better than the first one tho. Just need to make some sort of work holding jig for No.3

But enough of that shit because HOLY FUCK MY NEW SOCK MONSTER ROX SO HARD!!!:

ZOMG I was freaking out stoked when Justin gave it to me! I've been wanting one of those lil fucking bastards for like 5 years now!! So super stoked on it and Justin really nailed it with the embroidered CWMD shop apron too! Now I've got a little shop buddy to hang and get stoney baloney with :-D

Yea buuuuuddy!


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seajaye said...

duuude i've been drooling over that rack since i first saw it. tryna get one!