Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bilenky Cycleworks Junkyard Cross Dec 18th!

It's that time of year again! Head over to Bilenky Cycleworks for their annual cyclocross race through the Junkyard behind the shop.


Monday, November 28, 2011

What kind of asshole..

..puts a fucktarded water bottle cage like that gold POS on a NOS fucking Hetchins with 50th Anny Campy Record????????????

Aside from that, it's one sexy as fuck bike:

..that some rich asshole will end up tastefully mounting it on their wall.

Anyways, hope all you nasty mofoz had a great holiday weekend! I'm sitting here at my desk realizing how much I used to enjoy long weekends while dealing with the daily grind. I've been getting through it by just keeping my mind on the goals at hand: Jig, laptop, more tools, weed, Evo 848, NAHBS..


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Full lot of Frame Building Tools for sale in Utah!

I saw this ebay listing and was praying it was somewhat close to my area.

Unfortunately for me, it appears those of you near Park City Utah have better luck than I..


Extra Happy Thanksgiving with 20% off at Ben's Cycle!

We are upping the "Black Friday" sensation by extending it through the weekend. Shop online or come in our store! We have quite a few 2011 and 2010 Specialized bikes and accessories that can carry discounts up to 35%; not to mention our huge inventory of parts and accessories at 20% off!

This coupon even works today for online customers; shop today and pick your order up tomorrow from our store!*excluding 2012 Specialized bikes and Milwaukee Bicycle Co. frames

Check it out here..

Gorge on loads of tasty food and buy some good shit. Doesn't get much better than that now does it?!

Making my Thanksgiving a little more thankful are the ladies at the Fg2 blog:

Tell me that ain't adorable!

Oh man, I just caught myself thinking that I should get one of their shirts or something. Talk about solidifying creepy old man status huh? yeeesh..

In any case, I'll be heading up to North Jerz to hang with my folks for the afternoon. I'm in particularly stoked since my pops just bought a new chainsaw and I get to take it for a spin today on this huge tree that fell in the backyard..

Turkey, Chainsaw action and Yellow Fever. Awesome..


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weirdest. Rossin. EVER!!!

Weird ass shit huh?

Here's a couple snaps of it built up:


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Awesome Yeti Track Time Trial Kilo Pursuit thingy with 24" wheels front AND rear AND tons of 24" goodies?!

I'm not really sure what my fascination is with 24" wheeled stuff but I would totally buy this if I could. It would be great to have all the extras to build more bikes with too!

He originally had it listed at $2600 and I'm not sure why he jumped it up to $2800. While I'm super fascinated with that sort of thing I couldn't image paying more than like $1500-1600 for the lot. I mean, I get that it's rare and all but who the fuck else gives a rat's ass about 24" shit other than my dumbass?

Oh and this is also amazing:


Saturday, November 19, 2011

This little old lady is AWESOME!

It doesn't get much better than pepper spraying old ladies does it? Fucking Jackasses. My favorite part is how she compares the propaganda she lived with growing up in Nazi Germany, to how things are here now. Between FCC trying to censor the internet and downloading along how popular media rarely focuses on what matters instead of I don't know, whores like Kim Kardashian..?

This is also amazing:


Futuristic girl of my dreams!

How fucking AMAZING is that shit?!

Naturally Cut Copy would be playing in the background wherever we went:

..and I would somehow resurrect Guy Bourdin to shoot portraits of us:

While I'm fully aware that ridiculous fantasy would essentially be on the same level of this, insane, fucking, lunatic, I wouldn't really give a shit cause at the end of the day, riding bikes with a naked robot chick would still be pretty bad fucking ass..

In other, more reality based reality news, I landed myself a very decent paying freelance gig which may lead to a full time position. Which means I'm FINALLY going to get my filthy mitts on that fucking Anvil jig I've meaning to pay off:

yeeessssszzzz, soon you will be mine!

I also promised myself one of these as well should I be hired on full time:

Fucking yum huh?! 

Yeah, I most certainly don't recommend innocently strolling into a Ducati dealership. BIG mistake on my part. I mean, I've always dug em but fuck man- so screwed now!!

Anyways, I'll leave you mofoz with this dude's kooky ass vintage wrought iron gate bike:



Friday, November 18, 2011

Nashbar blowing out frames for $60 bucks?!

Damn that is fucking cheap!

and SS:

My original posts on the Roadie and SS 1 & 2..

Both are really great frames for commuting and guiltlessly beating the piss out of. I've ridden them myself and know a lot of people who've scooped them up during sales. Everyone loves em. Get one while the sale lasts!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Protect IP Act: Will Corporate Greed and Government Sanctioned Censorship Know no Bounds?!


My first thought is that wow, that shit ain't NEVER gonna fly! It's like, do they not recall how the whole Prohibition thing went?! Total fucking horse shit. I mean, wow, do we not have enough issues in this country with the whole corporate greed fucking everyone in the ass and walking away scott free laughing all the way to the bank(ruptcy)???


Thanks Julie!


Sunday, November 13, 2011


The first thing I noticed when I stopped by the VAR booth at the Philly Expo a couple weeks back was this weird looking tool. I'd never seen one like it before so naturally I inquired as to it's use. The knowledge that was bestowed upon was so profound it nearly brought me to my knees..

Behold, VAR tool #352, the crank bolt installation tool:


If like myself, it's existence has escaped you til now, you know all to well the sting of battered and bleeding knuckles from installing or removing many a chainring..

As if discovering such an amazing tool wasn't enough, I only had to shell out $40 bones for it!


I literally couldn't stop playing with it and showing it to everyone I talked to for the rest of the day. Most everyone had the same jubilant reaction to it and it's price. Pretty sure VAR sold the few they had left that day, hehe. There's also a newer version which features a combination head that can switch back and forth from Campy style Torx bolts and Allen key. I think they were selling that one for $60 (#PE-35500 p25)

I cannot wait for the next time I have to change out a chain ring!


Friday, November 11, 2011

In case you didn't know..

..there's A LOT of spoiled fucking brats at Penn State:

I feel bad for the kids, like the one who makes the initial rational statement, that have to deal with being surrounded by a bunch of fucking douchebags..

The worst thing about all that is those kids are completely disregarding the facts and the welfare of who knows how many children who were molested, all for what can only be described as:


I'm not going to even apologize. I mean, you can dig American football or whatever but it really is the lamest sport ever. Fucking play rugby if you're gonna do it! The rest of the world laughs at that shit. In any case, all the American football games that have, or will be played isn't worth multiple children's innocence being ripped away from them. Those kids shouldn't be rioting in support of Joe Paterno, they should be rioting to have the scumbag hung from a fucking tree. Oh let him finish the season- WTF are you stupid or something?! The guy kept his mouth shut about who knows how many incidents of child rape, but that's okay cause you want to win a game? Where are your priorities people?!!

He may not have participated in the heinous actions in question, but by not alerting the authorities, his inactions are complicit to the crime(s), which requires an appropriate punishment befitting of one who lets something like child molestation slide in order to uphold the status quo OF A SHITTY FUCKING GAME!!!

Another interesting point a friend brought up is that these kids, who are standing up for a fucking scumbag, are totally fine if they want to protest and riot and stuff, meanwhile people at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland, who are protesting for the average citizen's rights, are being maced for literally no reason and this guy who gets hit in the face with a gas grenade despite being two time war vet and his rescuers having flash grenades tossed at them..

So yeah, protect the oh so important game but who gives a fuck about the welfare of our children and you know, the fact that all the corporations, politicians and other rich fucks that drove this countries economy into the fucking toilet. This country is just so full of awesome right now I can barely stand it..

UPDATE: This is an interesting vid that gives a more inside perspective:

Jon Ritchie, who was recruited by Jerry Sandusky, reacts to Penn State scandal.

Along with a PDF of the Grand Jury Report..

Thanks Julie!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You might be thinking joke build..

..but since I know all these frames were heading out to japan (where most builds ARE joke builds) I don't think it is:

Still looking for a more informative link. Painted frames seen on Prollz..

I remember seeing a couple of those frames while I was attending the frame building course before they were painted. While I'm generally not into fixed freestyle frames, those things were fucking amazingly built. Lots of nice details as per usual with Koichi's work..

Having said that, I really can't fucking stand aerospokes. Let alone Realtree painted ones..

The thing Koichi was saying about those frames is that they're some of the first he's released in Japan for sale by retailers. When he left 3Rensho to start building his own frames, Yoshi Konno told him it was cool to make frames in/for the US, but that he'd appreciate it if he stayed out of the Japanese market. Koichi of course respected his wishes and stayed away. He feels as tho enough time has finally passed and he can start offering his frames there in low numbers..

WAIT, found the original link here tho it doesn't really give up much more info..


I always thought something like this would be a funny idea but..

..it's def one I knew wouldn't look quite right:

Curious about how it rides tho!