Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A new look..

Hope you mofoz dig it! Not that I really care one way or another- no seriously! Let me know what you guys think and send me some fresh links to update my blog roll etc. But yeah, it's been a looooong ass time coming. I don't know about you guys but I've been SO super sick of looking at that last header photo already! For like a two something years. Dumbass..

For once I picked a non fiery photo. Which I wasn't really sure about at first but eventually decided it was a rad photo so why the fuck not. I kinda dig the way the bike's shadow is askew against the rigid brick wall. I could sit here and read into it but I'll spare you of the typical artsy nonsense and let you enjoy the image for what it is. Rad..

Anyways, just wanted to continue to change things up a bit. I might make a few more tweaks along the way but I'm pretty cool with it for now. More soon!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got a few tasty items up on the bay!

First off is this super classic and sexy modern Campagnolo Pista group consisting of a set of BRAND NEW Campy Record LF 36H track hubs laced to Araya Red NJS Tubulars with DT spokes and Phil Wood Lockring. Along with a set of used but great condition Campy Record 170mm 47T Cranks Track cranks:

Also for sale is two non bike items:

Spread the werd ya terdz! I'm back from vaca and still need a lot more toolz :-)


Monday, August 29, 2011

Self inflating tire? Really??

I noticed this on Engadget last night and am once again, totally let down by the way that modern conceptual design seems to continuously fail when it comes to anything related to a 'better' bicycle product:

While being an interesting concept it's pretty obvious that here in the real world, it's not going anywhere. 90% of the 'casual riders' out there don't even understand the concept that air is required in their tires in the first place never mind on a regular basis. Seriously tho, when was the last time you saw someone casually riding a tire that wasn't half flat? Oh and the price, yeah, not happening. People who aren't going to spring for a pump ain't going for those either. I mean, those things look like they'd wear out long before the user would get their money's worth..

This is just yet another way to appease the population's ever increasing fucking laziness. JUST BUY A PUMP AND USE IT FOR FUCKS SAKE! What does it take, 2 min maybe? Come on. Get with it already people. If you're going to make a better bike product, try focusing on something that's a liiiiitle more practical that people would actually use and spring the extra dough for..

Unless you want something to go along with your automatic scissors of course :-/


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meat ANNIHILATION Courtesy of Zadar Fest 2011!

I checked this event out the last time I was in Croatia and was stoked to check it out again this year. Only it was like DOUBLE the size and totally mobbed! Crowded as it was I still managed to get in a bunch of shots of all the tasty meats they had going on. Along with a few corny touristy screen saver images of course:

This dudes crazy ass contraption is like the fish cooking equivalent to a tall bike or some shit:

He actually had another one going at the same time- MY FUCKING HERO!!

Pretty fuken gnar huh?!

If only there was a way for me to adequately convey the feeling of being completely enveloped by all the smoky, salty and sinewy aromans wafting all around me that night. Mixed with sounds from the bustling crowd, ocean and classic Croatian music blaring from the stacks of speakers surrounding the stage located in the middle of it all. It's something you can only really experience in person.. 

I would've liked to have come away from it with A LOT more photos but after cruising through for a couple of hours I just couldn't handle it anymore. It was pure sensory overload. I'll have to try again the next time I'm here on Holiday..

More on my flickr page..

Now go eat something meaty as fuck!


Friday, August 12, 2011

More abandoned snaps..

This time from a HUGE building I came across in Zadar. Not sure why this building is still in it's current condition since it's now surrounded by all new buildings on every side. Well accept for this side:

Yeesh!- right?! 

It's like instead of tearing it down or fixing it they were like: I know, lets just build all around it to hide it instead- brilliant! Tho something tells me it's a left over from the fighting that took place there in the 90's and ownership is unknown..

..and on to the inside of said awesome abandoned building:

There's a couple of other abandoned buildings in my town that are wrecked from the war as well. Just have yet to make it there with my camera..

More soon!


Abandoned Yonkers Power Plant Ride 2.0!

As you might recall, my buddy Ross was in town recently for a week. While he was in town I figured it would be an excellent opportunity to organize a second ride out the the Glendale Power Plants, along with meeting some of the folks from the local NYC fixed forum. Okay so yeah, these photos are like a month old but what can I say? It took about that long for the cloud of THC to disperse from my mind. Now I can't fucking relax! If I'm not doing something constantly I start freaking out. I mean, I'm at the point where naps count as productivity!

Anyways, back to the snaps:

You don't actually need a mask in there but if you choose to trudge through the basement, lovingly referred to as Mordor, it's a good idea. Justin's was super prepared this time after getting a lil sicklies the last time..

This on gives you an idea of the enormity of the fucking place:

Jessica (aka- 'take a good one!') is such a fucking roadie now!:

Fucking place is so rad! I need to go back one of these days with a full bag of gear..

Afterwords we went to Pie's and Thighs and there was much rejoicing :-)

More snaps on my flickr..


Land Dispute..

Some stupid ass bitch here in our Neighborhood decided that after literally like a hundred years of everyone coexisting like rational human beings, it would be a good idea to throw everything into turmoil by digging up 50 year old papers and fabricating shit to get her boney fingers on like 10 more meters of land. Now everyone's stuck trying to fight it instead of relaxing on their vacation and talking HEAPS of shit about her and how much her family sucks. It's kind of awesome. My usual overly violent suggestion of CUT A BITCH and the like was actually acceptable to utter out loud for once. Esp since all my cousins feel the EXACT same way! I mean, good thing she's not a prince or something right?!

Anyways, here's a couple of snaps from one of the little neighborhood meetings:

..and you twats wonder why I'm so nasty and vile sometimes. Think about where I'm from! Shits in mah blood dawg..



The SCHWEET Coppi I mentioned the other day..



Some sexy black things..

..I've noticed recently. I see and photograph things I find interesting out of habit and they usually just end up in obscurity amongst the thousands of other horrible photos I take on a daily basis..

In any case, here's a wicked blacked out truck:

While it most certainly lofts my personal category of 'No Dick Mobile' to new heights, you have to admit that it's still pretty fucking sick..

Also sick was this 6.3L Mercedes fucking batmobile I was blown away by while walking around Zadar:

I would NEVER want to drive the shit out of a car like that. Lord knows I would end up spending every penny I could trying to put together something that could perform just as well. Like a Twin Turbo 96' Nissan 300zx with Greddy upgrade kit..

Luckily the last super sexy black thing not only takes the cake, but I have carte blanche over:

Between her hair, fondness of all things matte black along with a 90% black wardrobe she's hard to beat, or rather easy since she might be 100lbs wet. Nothing like dating a girl you can snap like a twig is there?! I have like 5 offensively dirty jokes in me I can make right now but I'm going to keep my mouth shut. Funny how despite their size all women retain that whole formidable force thing when irritated thing isn't it..?

Right, let's focus on how nasty that thing she was snacking on was instead:

so. fucking. gross.

The fried nutter butters we had afterwords were also gross but in that way that you secretly wish you eat McDonalds every day and not have people give you that- EWW! Look if you even mention eating it..

I have this intense love/hate relationship with big fairs like the Meadowlands County Fair. I love how hokey and absolutely fucking disgusting the people who attend those types of functions are. Although when I get over it after like five minutes of being there and I realize I'm stuck being surrounded by wall to wall putridity for at least another hour I kind of want to kill myself for having walked into it in the first place. It kinda reminds me of that scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when they're 'set loose' into that circus-y casino with the merry go round..


Here's a few snaps from the last time I was there with my buddy Tom and his Brosef Nick:

BTW - If you aren't thinking about eating Bacon right now there's something wrong with you..