Friday, May 27, 2011

In need of a little TLC..

Just got myself a lil birthday prezzie today in the form of a 1973 Honda CB350:

What? you didn't think I was actually gonna sell all my sweet bikes and not get AT LEAST one new toy to play with did you?! I mean come on, no hot blooded American male (such as myself) should go without enjoying the thrill of getting out on the road with one of these at some point in their life..

Doooon't worry, I'm not going to get all motorcycle on yer asses or anything. This'll just be a nice distraction for me to enjoy fucking around with while I'm waiting for my frame building tools to arrive. No, Anvil and Bringheli don't just stock jigs etc. It takes 6 weeks to a couple of months to get em..

I def would've liked something a bit stronger but for a starter bike this little bastard will totally suit my needs. Just wanted something to learn on, guiltlessly lay down a few times, trick out a bit, cruise around town on and run errands with when I don't need to take my car out. Oh and also to toss my bitch on the back of now and then >:-]

Anyways, check out the fucking mileage!

It's essentially in near mint garage kept condition. Check out the seat:

Picked it up for $700! :-D

The deal with the bike is that it was rarely ridden and only in north Jersey suburbs before being relegated to a garage. It's been sitting around for like 10 years so it'll need a decent amount of cleaning work to get her running again. I'm gonna go as far as I can with it but will most likely bring it to this kick ass shop by my house that does really great work on bikes like this..

Also picked up this sweet Scorpion EXO-700 Helmet from this dude who only used it during his training class. He never got a bike so the fucking thing is MINT. He asked a $100 and I didn't even feel the need to haggle :-) 

I know it doesn't really suit the bike but I don't give a shit. I need hella anti fogging magic to help my glasses stay clear :-)

Anyways, this is what I get for reluctantly looking at the motorcycle thread on the NYC fixed forum a while back. Feel free to send me some links to resources etc since I'll be wanting to do a lot of research before ripping into this fucker..


Come scope it out and bring some rad freaky bikes to show off and win prizes with!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thanks to fucking facebook..

..everyone knows it's my bday today. Fucking internet! Anyways, check out this shit someone on the local forum made me:

Mega lawlz!

..fuck you age :-(


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay, so I'm really getting down to the last of the stuff I want to sell. Of course I have a lot more but I'm really trying to hold onto various groups and components. It's just that the more I sell, the more bitchin' new tools I know I can buy. So yeah, conundrum city!

Anyways, here's what I listed today:

Also had to relist the DA10 disc since it turned out that the dude who bought it didn't have the foggiest clue as to what DA10 was. Fucking ridiculous considering the fact that I had clearly stated what it was meant to be used for..

So that's it's for now. Unless of course someone wants to toss me $2200 + shipping for the nag F&F or a crap load of money for a mint condition Campy C Record Track group, hehe..

More non selling posts coming up soon!

Also, this is AMAZING:

Seen at Tracko..


OT: Remember these from last year?

A reader emailed me today inquiring about these bench plans I posted last year. Just figured I'd repost the DIY in case anyone missed it and or wanted something to do to spruce up their back yard area. Enjoy and good luck! I wanna see some snaps if anyone makes some :-)


Right so let's get to it! For those of you who may have missed the original post about this, I wanted to build a couple of nice and different benches for purposes of maximum chilling enjoyment in my backyard during BBQ's etc without having to break the bank..

Here's what I found on the interwebz:

..and this is how it eventually turned out:

Again, I had no instructions to go off of. I also wasn't looking to go crazy with making it all perfect and smooth. Just went off the photos and did a little trial and error. People seemed interested in checking out a DIY for themselves so here it is!

First thing I did was figure on how much wood I would need to build two 6' benches. I ended up getting a bunch of 12' length pieces of treated lumber from Home Depot and cutting them in half..

PLEASE NOTE: Home Depot will not cut these in house for you since they have strict guidelines for air   safety there. Please keep this in mind when A) Transporting the wood home if all you have is a sport compact like my dumbass and B) be sure to do all the cutting outside or in a well vented area..

Here's what I had hanging out of my car with a blinker taped to the end of it:

2 - 2" x 8" x 12"
1 - 2" x 6" x 12"
a bunch of - 2" x 4" x 12's (or 8'??)

I don't remember how many 2" x 4"'s I got originally but there was at least like 6 or 7. They also could have been 8 footers now that I think about it.. I also would have gone for the wider 10" or 12" width for the main seating and backing but yo, there's no way my ass was budging it on my own! Shit was wicked heavy and expensive too. Furthermore, treated lumber has this wet chemical texture to it making it slippery. Imagine opening a fresh package of twinkies..

SHIT!! God I hate making associations like that. Now I need to eat one otherwise I'll never stop thinking about it. It's like getting Don't You Want Me Baby stuck in your head..

Right, moving along then..Here's an exploded view of the bench before assembly:

The backing and seating is a mix of 4", 6" and 8" wide. Here's a breakdown of the support pieces:

What I highly recommend is building yourself a prototype of sorts from some scrap wood to A) double check that my instructions aren't totally retarded, B) Prevent yourself from wasting time and money due my janky instructions as mentioned in 'A', C) To make sure you enjoy the comfort and feel of the angles I used. As you can imagine a lot of this is up to your own interpretation. Finally, C) To use up that scrap wood you've had sitting around forever but have held onto cause you knew you'd need it eventually and if you tossed it you'd either feel guilty or just end up needing it after all..

Here's my prototype:

You'll notice that the angle on the front leg piece is off. I was able to compensate for this on the final piece. I also cut the legs extra long and slowly chopped them down til I got it the way I felt seemed best height and angle wise. It also works as a spare place to sit so long as you or your guest don't mind balancing or leaning it up against a pole..

Here's the prototype next to a fully assembled support:

Okay, enough of this measure twice, cut once bullshit- time for assembly!
Lay part D down on the floor and place part W on top as pictured. You'll want to place it 14 and a half inches away from the front bottom. Screw them together..
Then place piece M on top of D and next to W, follow the measurements pictured, then follow that with piece C and screw them shits together..

Repeat once more and you're just about set with both supports:

At this point it's a really good idea to check to make sure both supports angles and placement of pieces match appropriately..

I used some gnarly green coated deck screws for assembly. Here's how I screwed everything together on the outside. I only used 5 screws to keep it clean:

Only because I knew that I was going to haphazardly toss a bunch on the inside where no one could see:

Note to self, get the right length screws next time!

Next is tossing the seating and back slats between the two supports. I placed them about 9" from each end:

It helps having an extra set of hands to help out with this since it can be a PITA by yourself..

PLEASE NOTE: If you're concerned with the wood slightly sagging (which mine hasn't yet), an addition support could be added to the middle as well as placing both supports slightly closer together..

I put 1 inch of space between each slat..

Now that the bottom is done it's time to flip the bitch on it's back and take care of the last two pieces:

Once that's all set, take a long straight edge like this awesome 4' worn out ruler I found in the street and mark about 1 inch off the bottom of the legs like so:

This way it'll provide the bottom of the legs with more surface area to help the bench sit firmly on the ground..

And we're all done! Repeat once more and you'll have a nice chill area in your backyard:

..add a few bodies, calm breeze, charcoal crusted hands flipping sizzling meat and veggies over a kickin' flame and you're gtg! Some refreshments in the form of suds and some such would also go well with this combination..

Now I just need to build an appropriate table to tie the whole thing together. Oh and not to mention the rad grill I built from a 30 gallon oil drum! Just need to add the finishing touches to it before posting some snaps of it. Here's a few photos tooommmeeeee took of me when I was dicing it open:

Anyways, more about that later..

I hope this DIY post comes in handy for those who were interested! Sorry if it's all a bit wonky but something tells me if you're seriously thinking about building yourself a set, you're more than capable of dealing with my janky ass instructions..

Send me some snaps if any of you build one :-)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Note to self: I NEED to hang out with Max from TFG next time he visits Japan!

Tokyo Fixed visits Nitto from Tokyo Fixed on Vimeo.

Great fucking job man! All the photos look great and once again I'm super wicked jealz!!


Also, also, talk about going HUGE! Sean Burns SLAYING ROOFTOPS in this Bone Deth video:

Sean Burns - 'Surfin for the Ugly Broads' from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

MAN, nothing beats BMX for getting gnar dawg huh?! So sick..

Seen at Projekt B..

If you go to their Vimeo page the rest of the videos in that series are def amusing/gnarly..


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some more AWESOME stuff up on the bay!

All in beautiful condition of course :-)

More snaps here..

Please be sure to spread the good word again people!

I'm pretty sure that's the last of it for now unless I decide to keep going. After all this selling I'll have 3 fancy pants bikes left along with a bunch of components for future builds. Oh and of course a bunch of freak bikes. So yeah, I'll somehow find a way to manage with what I've got left. Well, until I get that friggen jig and some more tools! Unless of course Ross decides to buy my naggie ;-)


Monday, May 16, 2011


..did I ever do well with that first round of ebay auctions!! I'm sure those of you who were watching were also pretty surprised/stoked :-)

Big thanks to those of you who spread the word and helped me out with those!!

First thing I did was call Anvil up about getting one of their fancy pants jigs. Fortunately I'm going to get in on this production cycle which means I should have one some time towards the end of June :-D

I know, I know, yes it is possible to make your own jig for a lot less than one of those. However, I've actually wanted an Anvil jig for like 6-7 years now. WAY longer than I've wanted a lot of the bikes I own(ed). Not to mention the fact that I don't really have a machinist background nor do I have any machinist buddies to help me out. So yeah, fuck it. It's a kick ass investment..

The second thing I did was relive my bloated Paypal account by ordering a kick ass Sputnik Stem Jig:

I first spotted it at their display at NAHBS and was super stoked about how awesome and well built it is. I opted for the extra tower so I can do threadless (pic above) along with quill stems. Super excited to putz around with that thing! Should be here in like 3 weeks :-)

On the non bike building front I went and hung out at the Brooklyn Bike Jumble for a little bit. It wasn't the prettiest day out but it was still awesome BSing with all the locals. Didn't really take too many snaps tho. Here's Devotions stuff:

..and this kick ass Corima roadie:

I was super stoked to see Simon (formerly of Bilenky) with his latest creation under his new label called Hanford. This one belongs to my Buddy Joel from Via Bicycle:

Lookin' awesome man! 

I'm hoping to get down to Philly soon to hang with him and see what else he's been up to..

Also saw the owner of the 79' Cinelli I sold a while back:

Dude's been riding that fine steed hard as fuck! I need to get some proper snaps of it again so I can do a before and after post..

Later on I dipped into a McD's to use the b-room when to my amusement I noticed this scene in the trash receptacle:

Which explained why the kid before me took so long. Yup, nothing like seeing America's youth at it's finest! Dumbasses..

Lastly, here's a quick snap of my lady's new pup Niko giving me some major attitude:

The lil bastard is in BONKERS mode right now which can be super amusing so long as he keeps his trap shut.. 

Right then, aside from shipping tasty bike porn out to their super stoked new owners this week, I think I'm going to try and part with a few more things. I'm pretty stoked on this purge for tools binge I've been going on so I'd like to keep it up if possible. I should have those up by Tuesday. Then, when and if the sun decides to come out again I can FINALLY get some new snaps of my latest and probably most mind blogglingly awesome and nut sack wrenchingly ugliest freak bike ever. Seriously, it really is indescribably awfully AMAZING. You guys'll shit yourselves..

More soon! 

p.s. - this one's for Morgan 8-/