Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Ultimate Hamburger..?

Behold- The definition of rediculousness:
The Ultimate Hamburger from Modernist Cuisine on Vimeo.

That video is the most unconscionable PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT I CAN BARELY STAND IT!

WTF?! A burger isn't a science experiment or chemistry project- IT'S A FUCKING BURGER! Bread, meat, cheese and wtf ever else you like. Those twats wouldn't know an ultimate burger from the stick shoved so far up their ass that if you climbed it and fell, you'd break a leg. You know what the ultimate burger is? The ultimate burger is one of a dozen you make for yourself and a bunch of friends on a crusty ass backyard grill. Fucking thing doesn't even need to be crazy good so long as all are jolly and the condiment stains are plentiful..

Just figured I'd share in the facepalming I'm going through over here.. 



craig said...

Those people are you, in the food world.

-man it would be cool to have a track bike with a rack. Oh wait, with a hail Satan rack! Oh wait, maybe it should have a tri spoke, but not without a disc brake of course. An I would like to carry my milk home just for fun.

Alan Sikirič said...

noooooo waaayyyy! I think the guys at Firefly would be a better example. Mofoz are all about math, being anal and clean as fuck. My shit is like a big crusty jumble..

craig said...

Valid point.