Friday, December 16, 2011

Check out my latest rack!

..thaaaat has nothing to do with cycling :-/

Just something I slapped together to tidy up my desk area. Which is great, except now other people want a custom inbox organizer too, hehe..

On a more exciting note, is the awesome amount of mostly useless free swag working in an office affords you:

Yay clutter!

This was a good haul cause most of it is super useful. Camera went to my Nephew who's never had his own before, Ti King Cage will likely be regifted, Hammer goes to the shop, wire brush for the barby, wheel goes in the wheel pile and everything else can be smashed to smithereens for all I care. That ball thing is like a more modern and less fun way of making kick the can ice cream. Since it's plastic you can't actually kick it-LAME. I'm thinking of filling it to the brim with gun powder and blowing it the fuck up..

In any case, the gig has been going well thus far and the money is FINALLY started rolling in yesterday. The last 3 weeks with no pay pretty much sucked. Next few paychecks are going to be duesys which I'm very excited about..

More bike related shit soon!



Benjamin Callaway said...

When'd you get a job??

Alan Sikirič said...

Only recently. I mentioned it here and there in various posts. Just met with HR today actually to discuss terms for full time employment :)