Friday, November 11, 2011

In case you didn't know..

..there's A LOT of spoiled fucking brats at Penn State:

I feel bad for the kids, like the one who makes the initial rational statement, that have to deal with being surrounded by a bunch of fucking douchebags..

The worst thing about all that is those kids are completely disregarding the facts and the welfare of who knows how many children who were molested, all for what can only be described as:


I'm not going to even apologize. I mean, you can dig American football or whatever but it really is the lamest sport ever. Fucking play rugby if you're gonna do it! The rest of the world laughs at that shit. In any case, all the American football games that have, or will be played isn't worth multiple children's innocence being ripped away from them. Those kids shouldn't be rioting in support of Joe Paterno, they should be rioting to have the scumbag hung from a fucking tree. Oh let him finish the season- WTF are you stupid or something?! The guy kept his mouth shut about who knows how many incidents of child rape, but that's okay cause you want to win a game? Where are your priorities people?!!

He may not have participated in the heinous actions in question, but by not alerting the authorities, his inactions are complicit to the crime(s), which requires an appropriate punishment befitting of one who lets something like child molestation slide in order to uphold the status quo OF A SHITTY FUCKING GAME!!!

Another interesting point a friend brought up is that these kids, who are standing up for a fucking scumbag, are totally fine if they want to protest and riot and stuff, meanwhile people at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland, who are protesting for the average citizen's rights, are being maced for literally no reason and this guy who gets hit in the face with a gas grenade despite being two time war vet and his rescuers having flash grenades tossed at them..

So yeah, protect the oh so important game but who gives a fuck about the welfare of our children and you know, the fact that all the corporations, politicians and other rich fucks that drove this countries economy into the fucking toilet. This country is just so full of awesome right now I can barely stand it..

UPDATE: This is an interesting vid that gives a more inside perspective:

Jon Ritchie, who was recruited by Jerry Sandusky, reacts to Penn State scandal.

Along with a PDF of the Grand Jury Report..

Thanks Julie!



craig said...

I love watching and loved playing football but you are spot on. The game is not worth one child's life being wrecked much less if there are more. Good off topic post.

jules said...

try reading the grand jury report, if you can handle it (pretty rough on the psyche). the students at psu should be mandated to all read this, to the last word, in my opinion. the story of victim #8 was a haunting way to end the report, too...