Saturday, November 19, 2011

Futuristic girl of my dreams!

How fucking AMAZING is that shit?!

Naturally Cut Copy would be playing in the background wherever we went:

..and I would somehow resurrect Guy Bourdin to shoot portraits of us:

While I'm fully aware that ridiculous fantasy would essentially be on the same level of this, insane, fucking, lunatic, I wouldn't really give a shit cause at the end of the day, riding bikes with a naked robot chick would still be pretty bad fucking ass..

In other, more reality based reality news, I landed myself a very decent paying freelance gig which may lead to a full time position. Which means I'm FINALLY going to get my filthy mitts on that fucking Anvil jig I've meaning to pay off:

yeeessssszzzz, soon you will be mine!

I also promised myself one of these as well should I be hired on full time:

Fucking yum huh?! 

Yeah, I most certainly don't recommend innocently strolling into a Ducati dealership. BIG mistake on my part. I mean, I've always dug em but fuck man- so screwed now!!

Anyways, I'll leave you mofoz with this dude's kooky ass vintage wrought iron gate bike:



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J.Mika'ele said...

anvil jigs are nuts. destroy bikes has one and it made their old jig look like a beat up honda next to a ferrari.