Sunday, November 13, 2011


The first thing I noticed when I stopped by the VAR booth at the Philly Expo a couple weeks back was this weird looking tool. I'd never seen one like it before so naturally I inquired as to it's use. The knowledge that was bestowed upon was so profound it nearly brought me to my knees..

Behold, VAR tool #352, the crank bolt installation tool:


If like myself, it's existence has escaped you til now, you know all to well the sting of battered and bleeding knuckles from installing or removing many a chainring..

As if discovering such an amazing tool wasn't enough, I only had to shell out $40 bones for it!


I literally couldn't stop playing with it and showing it to everyone I talked to for the rest of the day. Most everyone had the same jubilant reaction to it and it's price. Pretty sure VAR sold the few they had left that day, hehe. There's also a newer version which features a combination head that can switch back and forth from Campy style Torx bolts and Allen key. I think they were selling that one for $60 (#PE-35500 p25)

I cannot wait for the next time I have to change out a chain ring!



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pablo said...

-totally worth it.

Rob Dean: Santa Cruz / The North Face said...

Now THAT is a thing of genius. As a cyclist and a mechanical engineer I now need one of those in my life. Thanks for bringing this to the world's attention :-)