Sunday, October 16, 2011

Major game changer.. the form of Magic Flight's LAUNCH BOX:

I bought this set up recently and let me tell you- AMAZING! Way less gross than smoking the traditional way. Which for someone like myself who despises smoking, makes things much nicer..

I'd wanted to get a vaporizer for a while now but couldn't rationalize spending a bunch of money on a piece of drug paraphernalia. However at $119 this one gets you the most bang for the buck- and buck it does! It's super small, desecrate and easy to use. Toss it in your pocket and you're gtg! 



Polo-Velo-Bloomington said...

Just got back from a road trip where this was the primary device. I must say i'm convinced. It's definitely a more mellow, latent high than smoking straight but for most activities that's actually a good thing.

Alan Sikirič said...

Totes man- so good!