Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yo owe it to yourself.. see the documentary Gasland ASAP! To give you an idea of how serious the issue is, it's one of the only times you'll ever hear me say that lighting something on fire is really not cool:

One of the things I couldn't help but notice during my stay in Rifle Colorado was just how many natural gas drilling rigs there were pockmarked all over the landscape. Like ALL OVER. It. was. awful! They actually mention Rifle in the film as one of the first places where long term studies have been done as to the effect of Hydraulic Fracturing on the local environment..

Every time I went up to the plateaus to hang and take photos some HUGE truck would come barreling over the hill completely fucking up the serenity of the area. I felt so bad for all those people living up there having to not only look at that loud ugly ass shit all over the place but now having a better idea what I'm sure a lot of them go through on a daily basis health wise is MENTAL..

Seeing and experiencing shit like that makes me want to gather all of the fucking scum bags who make that shit possible not only KNOWING what the potential health threats are to the average hardworking PEOPLE who live in the effected areas but LYING to them as well and toss them all into a big huge blender, grind them up into tiny little pieces, then put them to better use as fertilizer since clearly that's all they're good for. Fuckers..

Anyways, I'm really hoping they don't continue to completely fuck up the rest of PA and start up in NYS cause then I along with the rest of my local constituants will be fucked too!

If you feel like being really pissed off too be sure to find yourself a copy! I'd link to but that shit ain't working right now for some reason..



jon said...

It's a great documentary. Nice to see your passion for other stuff than bikes for a change.

smellsofbikes said...

Know what's even more messed up? Project Rulison and Project Rio Blanco.
Two of a series of attempts to do fracking with underground nuclear explosives, both within about 50 miles of Rifle. Every time they tried it, the methane was *way* too radioactive to use... so they tried it again somewhere else. And now they're drilling for natural gas in the same areas they did these blasts.