Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The DA10 glory days..

..when it was at it's height:

Yeah, things got a bit out of hand..

Believe it or not, a good portion of what's pictured there is long gone- the Nagasawa included! I know, crazy huh? Tho I will say it feels really good to have all of that stuff gone. To be honest, I'm not even remotely bummed about it either! I'm just that much more stoked to get my own frames going. Which is why while I did sell pretty much all my frames, I didn't really sell a whole lot of components :-)



dan cakes said...

yeah why were you so obsessed with that stuff?

seeya early july!

CyclingWMD said...

Because it's only the best track group EVER! I still have like 3+ groups so I still get to fuck around with it :-)

What are you coming here with Ross or something? He'll be here on the 14th. Let me know!

Noel said...

dude, you need help...