Friday, May 27, 2011

In need of a little TLC..

Just got myself a lil birthday prezzie today in the form of a 1973 Honda CB350:

What? you didn't think I was actually gonna sell all my sweet bikes and not get AT LEAST one new toy to play with did you?! I mean come on, no hot blooded American male (such as myself) should go without enjoying the thrill of getting out on the road with one of these at some point in their life..

Doooon't worry, I'm not going to get all motorcycle on yer asses or anything. This'll just be a nice distraction for me to enjoy fucking around with while I'm waiting for my frame building tools to arrive. No, Anvil and Bringheli don't just stock jigs etc. It takes 6 weeks to a couple of months to get em..

I def would've liked something a bit stronger but for a starter bike this little bastard will totally suit my needs. Just wanted something to learn on, guiltlessly lay down a few times, trick out a bit, cruise around town on and run errands with when I don't need to take my car out. Oh and also to toss my bitch on the back of now and then >:-]

Anyways, check out the fucking mileage!

It's essentially in near mint garage kept condition. Check out the seat:

Picked it up for $700! :-D

The deal with the bike is that it was rarely ridden and only in north Jersey suburbs before being relegated to a garage. It's been sitting around for like 10 years so it'll need a decent amount of cleaning work to get her running again. I'm gonna go as far as I can with it but will most likely bring it to this kick ass shop by my house that does really great work on bikes like this..

Also picked up this sweet Scorpion EXO-700 Helmet from this dude who only used it during his training class. He never got a bike so the fucking thing is MINT. He asked a $100 and I didn't even feel the need to haggle :-) 

I know it doesn't really suit the bike but I don't give a shit. I need hella anti fogging magic to help my glasses stay clear :-)

Anyways, this is what I get for reluctantly looking at the motorcycle thread on the NYC fixed forum a while back. Feel free to send me some links to resources etc since I'll be wanting to do a lot of research before ripping into this fucker..


Come scope it out and bring some rad freaky bikes to show off and win prizes with!



DoubleOhTwo said...

CyclingWMD said...

Oh yeah, dats niiiiice! I'd love to do some shit like that eventually 8-)

morgman said...

Haha - I was just about to post a link to bike exif. I find the content more interesting than cycle exif on the whole, maybe because pictures of motorcycles have so much more going on.

On the topic of small bikes, it really doesn't matter. You'll get yourself into less trouble on a bike without power, and the fun is in carving turns and cruising anyway!

billy said...

I have been looking at cafe racers like that. SWEEEEET! Congrats, mang!