Monday, May 16, 2011


..did I ever do well with that first round of ebay auctions!! I'm sure those of you who were watching were also pretty surprised/stoked :-)

Big thanks to those of you who spread the word and helped me out with those!!

First thing I did was call Anvil up about getting one of their fancy pants jigs. Fortunately I'm going to get in on this production cycle which means I should have one some time towards the end of June :-D

I know, I know, yes it is possible to make your own jig for a lot less than one of those. However, I've actually wanted an Anvil jig for like 6-7 years now. WAY longer than I've wanted a lot of the bikes I own(ed). Not to mention the fact that I don't really have a machinist background nor do I have any machinist buddies to help me out. So yeah, fuck it. It's a kick ass investment..

The second thing I did was relive my bloated Paypal account by ordering a kick ass Sputnik Stem Jig:

I first spotted it at their display at NAHBS and was super stoked about how awesome and well built it is. I opted for the extra tower so I can do threadless (pic above) along with quill stems. Super excited to putz around with that thing! Should be here in like 3 weeks :-)

On the non bike building front I went and hung out at the Brooklyn Bike Jumble for a little bit. It wasn't the prettiest day out but it was still awesome BSing with all the locals. Didn't really take too many snaps tho. Here's Devotions stuff:

..and this kick ass Corima roadie:

I was super stoked to see Simon (formerly of Bilenky) with his latest creation under his new label called Hanford. This one belongs to my Buddy Joel from Via Bicycle:

Lookin' awesome man! 

I'm hoping to get down to Philly soon to hang with him and see what else he's been up to..

Also saw the owner of the 79' Cinelli I sold a while back:

Dude's been riding that fine steed hard as fuck! I need to get some proper snaps of it again so I can do a before and after post..

Later on I dipped into a McD's to use the b-room when to my amusement I noticed this scene in the trash receptacle:

Which explained why the kid before me took so long. Yup, nothing like seeing America's youth at it's finest! Dumbasses..

Lastly, here's a quick snap of my lady's new pup Niko giving me some major attitude:

The lil bastard is in BONKERS mode right now which can be super amusing so long as he keeps his trap shut.. 

Right then, aside from shipping tasty bike porn out to their super stoked new owners this week, I think I'm going to try and part with a few more things. I'm pretty stoked on this purge for tools binge I've been going on so I'd like to keep it up if possible. I should have those up by Tuesday. Then, when and if the sun decides to come out again I can FINALLY get some new snaps of my latest and probably most mind blogglingly awesome and nut sack wrenchingly ugliest freak bike ever. Seriously, it really is indescribably awfully AMAZING. You guys'll shit yourselves..

More soon! 

p.s. - this one's for Morgan 8-/



robertnandre said...

I can't wait to see what you start making this summer once you get all your tools in order. Probably some more bike shit that will blow my mind.

ryan said...

wait, so what is going on in the trash can?

CyclingWMD said...

robertnandre - Shit yeah man- I can't wait!

ryan -

jules said...

but what if niko is bonkers forever? gotta take the the sour + the sweet!

as for your new tools, it's finally all coming through! :)

lastly, joel has good taste (i remember we saw that french townie of his). but i like that this one is a coupler (that's what it's called, right?)!

morgman said...

Oh man... hilarious swing backflip to BMX... why did I not think of that at a time in my life when I was capable of the swing backflip?

That almost makes up for me not being able to afford the Landshark's final price! Whoever got that thing... super jealz!