Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yamaguchi Frame Building School Saturday Stem Course!

I arrived at the shop today to a lovely display of stems and examples of what we were going to be up to:

Few more snaps around the shop:

This one's for Lyle :*

Along with the holiest of holies, the Campagnolo Tool kit:

Apparently he's got TWO more!

If you ever wondered where Park came up with the design for their portable Team Race Stand, look no further:

Lastly, a nice portrait of the master at work:

I can't even begin to describe how much of a blast I'm having out here! Learning from the man, exploring the area and taking lots of photos for all ya'll mofoz! As soon as I get back I'm going to sell some shit so I can A) Pay my parents back for the loan they were cool as shit to give me on such short notice and B) BUY SOME FUCKING SWEET TOOLZ!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to hold onto most of my components but I def have to part with some frames. If anyone is seriously interested in anything I have, send me a legitimate offer and we'll see what we can do. I only have frames in my size (56/57ish) so if you're not close to 6'1" don't bother. NOT selling the asymmetric either!

Anyways, Sunday is my one day off during the course so I'll be out exploring again. Most likely in the Glenwood Springs area. Next Saturday I'm going to pass on Aspen and head over to Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak instead. Looking forward to freezing my ass off at 14,000 feet!

Oh and also, I'm down to shoot guns and check out some of those dispensaries in Denver Nick!



Tom said...

Hey - awesome to see you doing this course. A couple of weeks ago me and two friends signed up to do it in October. We are pretty stoked about it.

Can I ask a boring question - what would be your suggestion on where to stay (pretty cheaply).

We got Barbara's email about suggested venues but can't decide!

Keep the posts coming!


CyclingWMD said...

Damn man that kicks ass that you'll be doing the course with two of your buddies! To answer your totally not boring question I'd say the Winchester is the best option. It's a dump but at $200 a week and a short 6-7 block walk it's hard to beat. I'll be posting a Yamaguchi course tips list once I've completed the course so be sure to check back soon!