Friday, April 15, 2011

Yamaguchi Frame Building School day Three!

More mouth watering snaps from Koichi's place 8-)

One of the 6 or 7 Cinelli's 3Rensho received for study:

Most of em were too banged up / used to ride but Koichi was lucky enough to have one of em be his size and in good condition :-D

Lots more on my flickr page..

I've also been trying to document the area a bit. Just check out this hipster!:

More soon!

Oh and p.s. - check out the hate over at tarckbike when you get a chance. Talk about ZERO sense of humor! I mean wow guys, ever hear of sarcasm and just having a bit of fun?? I get such a HUGE kick out of shit like that cause it just goes to show how incredibly fucking BORING some people's lives are. I mean who else is going to start a thread like that other than the biggest fucking loser?! Great job guys! Now put your money where your mouth is and do something, ANYTHING productive that people can actually get something out of. You know, like taking photos and or building bikes maybe?? It most certainly doesn't have to be super positive but at least be smart and personally informed before you just make a complete ass of yourself. Public forums like that are generally the worst since you have to deal with all the anonymous trolls out there who make it harder to get to the genuinely intelligent people..

So by all means fellas, keep that thread going strong! It def helps to keep my low self esteem in check knowing that there's a bunch of people out there with nothing better to do than talk shit about my dumbass :*

(high fives to the people who've actually met me and said good things of course)

More from Rifle tomorrow!!



ant1 said...

that's a lot of hate you're getting there. good job, you've made it.

Craig said...

No one laughs on the Internet anymore. Sick pictures, keep them coming.

raws said...

Pro tip: Keeping track of what people post about you on the internet and then whining about it on your blog isn't going to get you any respect.

CyclingWMD said...

No, whining is what people do when they post BS on websites about people they don't know and or leave lame comments on other people's blogs. Nice job on yours BTW- Now I understand where you got all that 'Pro' knowledge from. If I was whining about anything it's a lack of fucking effort and intelligence out there..

bluru said...

Screw the jealous Alices over at Tarck.

25 years ago I took a class from Mr. Paterek, and I was just as friggin excited as you are now. Only problem was that digital cameras didn't exist, so I have only a couple lame snapshots of the entire (unbelievably amazing) experience. I will make it to Yamaguchi's place in the next couple of years.

Keep up the enthusiasm Alan. It's 90% of the battle.

Jimi Hutch said...

WOW I can't believe the stuff those guys manage to waste their lives bitching about.

Half of it is completely illegible.

I find your blog most interesting, your personality makes it different. You take our shared interest far further than I can and its better than those tarcks can say for themselves.

Keep it up.