Sunday, March 20, 2011

New project on deck: The Baller Hauler!

My buddy Christian contacted me expressing an interest in a custom rack for a new custom CX frame he had built by our forum buddy Catano. He then mentioned this old Bianchi folder bike project he had begun but stalled out on a few years back:

(that's Garlic in the background in case you're wondering)

He said he thought it might be cool to extend the rear or make a trailer for it to help him lug shit around town but he wasn't sure..

As soon as I laid eyes on it I was like- WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS:

God that thing is SO FUCKING AWESOME I can barely stand it!

But yeah, topping that folder / shopping cart / hauler would be nearly impossible. Christian also isn't really interested in having the bike convert back to normal. He's cool with a full time hauler. The Baller comes into play with the name cause well, we're DEF gonna make it RAD. Also cause he's got some nice vintage Campy hubs and headset going on there already, hehe..

So yeah, with some other front load haulers in mind like Bilenky's or Cetma's, we're going to get to work in the coming weeks. I'll try and post some progress photos of this build since it's sure to be a challenging and fun one to figure out.. 



((lyledriver)) said...

unsafe at any load \m/

matthew langley said...

while you are brainstorming I thought I might mention this to you...Back in the day (like the 40's) there was a tandem that was steered fromm the back seat (because is was more "gentlemanly" to be behind the woman. sure. Anyway they used something like a track cog around the steerer and a bar/chain combo for steering from the back.

Could be pretty interesting way to steer this kind of thing - bonus point for doing it in a way that gets rid of that wacky bar thing thats 4 feet in the air.

KSV said...

I was wondering what you think of a 1986/1987 Centurion ironman expert, megenta and yellow? I've been looking for a lugged steel roadbike and found this for $125. It's a little rough but could shine up. Any thoughts?
Thanks, Ken.

CyclingWMD said...

lyledriver - FUCK YEA \m/

Matthew - Yeah man, I was thinking about something like that for the steering mechanism. Def interested in something that would be more on the DL as opposed to some big bar attachent

KSV - Add a zero on the end of that amount and then you'll be gtg!