Thursday, March 3, 2011

NAHBS 2011: Fuck bicycles- Let's go shoot GUNZ!

Aside from being a great cyclist and having quite the sexy stable of SICK bikes, Ross also has a few weapons that were in need of use while I was there. The gnarliest being this Serbu Super Shorty 12 Gauge Shotgun:


Basically he waited 8 months for the PITA paper work to come through to allow him to own a completely useless and super illegal weapon otherwise. I mean, COME ON! IT DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THAT DOES IT?!! Everywhere we took this thing the gun nuts were drooling over that shit like it was a set of NOS sheriff stars or something (same era LF record's in my case) and inviting to him to all the private gun nut forums and machine gun parties. Which I get since it's so fucking sick! Of course we shot some video:

Yet another super embarrassing douchey video to add to the collection..

Now, to give you an idea of how brutal this weapon is, check out the Glock, bullets and gun case in the lower right hand corner once I fire the Serbu:

If you do the single frame by frame you can totally see the bullets doing a little dance!

Ross shooting his other shotgun:

Also rad!

The day after NAHBS we went out to the country to this kick ass little outdoor range to shoot clays and boxes n' sheeyt:

I wish I had some footie from the clay shooting cause that shit was WICKED fun! Too fun to document aside from the typical arty shots:

Afterwords I rented an AR .223 :-D

Ross setting up at the 50 yard section:

                                  aaaand knockin' em down!

That last one is sure to make for a wonderful new addition to his Facebook profile ;-)

Man! AR's really are THE SHIT! Check out my target from 50 yards:

That'll look great on my fridge! Oddly enough my first grouping was better than my second. Still super stoked on that near perfect bullseye!

All in all I'd say we had a super productive day. Boxes shot up, Clay's obliterated and I instilled Ross with the notion that he really should add an AR to his collection. More specifically, this 308. All that intro needs is a bunch of cheerleaders dancing or some shit- so reddic! Oh and this is the 1911 I was talking about along with this SCHWWEEEET STI TruBor 'race gun'. If you don't know what that means check this out. While that may strike you as a bit odd, it certainly strikes me as a bit fun! Hunting is just something I would never do but I looooove me some paper and steel targets ahh do!

Big ups to Ross for hooking me up with two super funtasically awesome days at the range with his weapons. Can't wait to do it again!!

More on my flickr as per usual..



phil g. said...

First video of you shooting that serbu is funny as fuck! That thing is sick!

Nick Cecchi said...

some seriously sick guns... I hunt sometimes when I am in the backcountry and need food.
Have you ever shot an AR-7? I'm trying to find someone who has actually shot it instead of hearing opinions of people who have friends of friends.

Otherwise, I think it'll be one of those folding stock .223 for my survival rifle.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh damn man, I never heard of that compact rifle but it's def really cool! Also, anything with a folding stock is teh sex..

Nick Cecchi said...

yeah man, I've handled one but not had the chance to shoot one. Everything disassembles and goes into the waterproof stock.
I want one with a flip-up red dot scope (been looking for a long time for one)
I just want to know how it shoots.

Looks seriously sick and like you might be able to wildcat a .22 magnum in there with a little work.

anyways, I'm jealous you got to use that sick ass shotgun.
fun weekend.