Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Latest and Greatest from Olli!

Damn dude this shit is WICKED!

Lots more snaps on his site..

So fucking rad! I've always wanted to do some silly aero-tastic fairing type shit like this!!

Oh and I didn't forget about the Rossin Poster man! You'll def get a copy whenever I regain free access to a large printer..

Also, I've been knee deep in production on the San Diego Custom Bike Show booklet this past week or so. Hence the lack of posts lately. It's due this Wednesday so hopefully I can start catching up on all the RAD shit I was working on beforehand..



Roco said...

DAMN!!!!!!!!! ,that shit is tight.

Jimi Hutch said...

Definitely interesting to look at and thumbs up for craftsmanship!

However I get the feeling this design might be horribly flawed without some kind of strengthening to stop the BB area twisting under load, similarly the stress of the rider weight through the saddle has got to send the head tube joints a lot of pressure.

Just looking at your Yamaguchi there's loads more bracing/strengthening.

But what the hell do I know about building frames......absolutely zip.

zach-bloomington said...

i really like that! it seems vintage and modern at the same time.