Thursday, February 17, 2011

This time next week- I WILL BE LANDING IN AUSTIN TEXAS!!!

Fuck yes! Super stoked that I somehow managed to get everything in order to head down to Austin to check out NAHBS again and more importantly, hang and eat hellatiously tasty BBQ!!

My buddy Ross was kind enough to offer a small corner in his domicile for this imbecile, hehe. I will have the Coupled Jackson Phoenix on hand to roll about town with so I'll be pretty fucking easy to spot (dumbass). I'm going to start working on a new rack in the next day or two to have with me while I'm down there. You know, to transport things like BBQ and Beer and shit..

I leave here Thursday morning at the ass crack of dawn and arrive in Austin at like 10am. Then it's a glorious 5 day stay in town til I leave the following Tuesday night. I'll most likely spend Friday and Saturday at NAHBS to take snaps and enjoy the whole bike porn overload that washes over you the moment you walk into the event space. It's kinda like that feeling after you have a spank-tastic night to yourself and you feel really disgusted and guilty afterwords. Only it's like 10 times worse cause you're surrounded by a million people who seemingly don't feel guilty at all for engaging in the exact same unsavory activity right in front of you..

Right so aside from all that nonsense, I would love to ride around, check out the town and eat some gnar-dawg food. I'm looking forward to getting my ass handed to me on a platter due to the fact that I've barely done any riding at all the last couple of months. AWESOME! :-/

So if you have any suggestions or would like to organize a ride of some sort let me know. I usually organize these 'slacker' rides here in the city. Essentially we all meet up somewhere and eat a tasty snack. Then enjoy a medium pace ride on the way to our destination. Which is usually a beach or some weird abandoned building. Grab some grub along the way. Hang, eat and take photos.Then ride back to someone's place and fire up a grill and get drunk. Well, everyone else gets drunk. I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off prepping and grilling food..

So yeah, I'll be around. Hit me up and let me know about local events and the like and or things to do/see in Austin while I'm there :-)



Craig said...

heck yes!
Can't wait.

Mark said...

There is a chill ride on Thursday nights here in Austin. Nothing much, just a couple hundred people cruising around town. This site lists some cool bike shit to do,

CyclingWMD said...

Cool- thanks man!