Sunday, February 20, 2011

These Arab kids ROCK!

I was DYING when I first saw these. So. fracking. SCHWEET! They def remind me of an even more exxageratted version of Lyle's gnar dawg downhill BMX he made a while back..

The elongated stance, the 'drifting' capabilities and just how sweet they look in general. I fucking LOVE that in order to drift they've mounted chains on the tires. I can only imagine how much radder the sound of metal on concrete spinning like that sounds in person..

That's it- I'm making one!!!



soloforce158 said...

hi i am the creator of this drifting bike , and thanks . we have 20 inch , 16 inch we were shocked that we could show u our creation , omar ahmed, drift bike creator.

CyclingWMD said...

DUDE! I love those bikes- keep at that shit!! I def want to make one of my own here for my Nephew or something. Gotta see one of those bikes in action for myself!