Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Should it stay or should it go..?

In my efforts to put together cash for various bills and FINALLY getting around to going to see Yamaguchi about his fine course, I've been taking a long had look at my various possessions to figure on what I should get rid of, and what I should I continue to enjoy. I made a stop at Bilenky today to pick up my fabled Bilenky 'Hetchin's Tribute' Track bike after being shown at various bike events the last year or so:

It's sitting here next to me and part of me can't help but think- 'WHAT IN GODZ NAME WAS I THINKING?!!' Then another part of me retorts with: 'You were thinking of nothing sure of pure awesomeness with a healthy dab of ridiculousness dumbass!'Whatever the fuck I was thinking I'm stoked to have it back.  But then again, such a lovely show bike surely can't be ridden in the streets can it? I mean, shit yea it can! But at the same time, part of me would like to pass it on to another who wouldn't be racked with the same guilt of having such a purposefully built and well executed piece of american craftsmanship go to waste sitting on a wall in some one's abode..So I guess in the end I'm torn. While every man has his price, part of me would love nothing more than to tear the living shit out of the bike proper like and sell something else instead. But with not a scratch on the thing, popping it's cherry is sure to be an unpleasant experience..
More snaps in my flickr set along with my original post from 07' along with a follow up post in which I give those Hetchin's twats a verbal back handed slap in the face..



wheelie cunneely said...

i'm kinda disappointed that you're afraid to leave your mark on your bike, but i know where you're coming from not wanting to deflower it and all. though you obviously get that a bike is made to be ridden, i think you might be forgetting, that that bike was made for you to ride. i think you should ride it. just sayin's all. at least for a minute, and if you really gotta swing some bills, do what you've got to do. but i'm sure you've got plenty of production shit you could dump first that you'll never think about again.
that's mine, always gonna be. she takes it like a champ, and isn't retiring she breaks or i do.
remember, they're just like ladies, the dirty ones like it rough, but it's the clean ones that really want it to hurt. go beat her up.

CyclingWMD said...

Hey man yeah, I hear ya. I've def put some miles on the bike. Just not a ton. I even raced it a couple of times! But yeah, while parting with some other more production type shit might hurt less, truth of the matter is that now that I'm building my own stuff- it's just all other people's work now. To me, I'd rather sell one high priced item than many. More shit lying around I guess. In any case, it's likely that the bike will stay in my collection and see many more miles. The post was more like my thinking aloud is all. Lord knows the way things are these days no one's about to shell out the kind of dough it would require to actually get me to part with the bike..