Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nashbar SS/Fixed gear frame ALL BUILT!!

I finally got around to building up the Nashbar SS/fixed frame for my lady last night:
While it might not be anything special to the typical bike snob, one can't help but appreciate it's low price and practicality for urban and or winter riding and or all the fucking time!

A bunch of people were wondering about tire clearance and as you can see, there's also PLENTY of space for some fat tires:

The tires on there now are 23's and the wheel is slamed as far forward as I could get it. You'll notice in the overal shot that there's plenty of space in the drop outs to accommodate said fatty tire :-)
I really hope a lot of people out there take advantage of this frame. It's pretty damn awesome! Just wish they had one that fit me right :'-(
More details about the frame can be found in my previous post on the subject along with purchasing details at Nashbar..



Rallekcm said...

Fork from Nashbar as well or another?

CyclingWMD said...

Oh no it's just something I had lying around. I have owned their road fork before and it's also very nice..

Gilbert said...

Nice build.

What's the bottom bracket drop on that frame? 60mm? Just wondering if I could run it at the track. Thanks!

CyclingWMD said...

Hey man, sorry, I spaced on your first comment. Not sure what the BB drop is since I don't have it in front of me. Personally tho, I wouldn't run the bike at the track. It's got more of a relaxed road geometry just like the road bike version. Having said that it's GREAT for use around town and locking up etc..