Sunday, February 27, 2011

NAHBS 2011: NACCC Fund Riser Party - Quick Release!

I almost didn't get to go to this event due to me misplacing my driver's license and they wouldn't let me in without one (which is exactly why I make it a point to pack my passport as well just in case). As if having the track adapter on my rear HED wheel come loose while braking wasn't bad enough! Kyle and Jeff came over wondering what was up and were like, dude, just hop the wall- no one's looking! The thought of sneaking into a bar wasn't exactly the most appealing of notions but with a little coaxing, along with Randall and Andrew's help running interference, I nonchalantly hopped the dividing wall. By 'nonchalantly' I mean pussy footing about..

In any case, I got in, bought a whole bunch of raffle tickets to make up for the door charge I had to punk out on and waited for Quick Release, a hardcore bike messenger band, (with one of the dudes from The Unseen) to come on. I have to say, very rarely do I go see a band I know almost nothing about, and end up totally raging to it along with the rest of the fans! By 'raging' I mean hiding behind my camera and periodically wiping the near constant beer down pour off my lens. In other words- FUCKING RAD! We need to see these dudes come up to NYC cause they slayed it!!:

Check out how pissed the dude is 2nd from the right!
Meh.. Better than nothing..

It's been a really long time since I'd found myself in a crowd documenting a situation like that and MAN did it feel good! Part way through this girl Lindsay from SXSW came up to me, stoked to see someone photographing since her photog punked out, asked me if I could get some snaps of the band for her. So I ran up on stage and tried to get some more intimate shots. Which was awesome since the two I like the most (last two) were from when I was up there..

All in all a good night!

Tomorrow's the third and final day of NAHBS which I will be attending and making every attempt to haggle over demo parts and take some ruckas test rides on various builders custom bikes :-D


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