Friday, February 11, 2011

Killer fixer upper score!

I just snatched up this Bridgestone Tarck, Hatta BB and HS for of all of $76 bucks!

I mean, it was worth it for the HS and BB alone! I was planning on making an order to NOVA anyways so I'll be sure to toss an appropriately sized stay on there as well since that seems to be the only effected area. I'm thinking the drop out could be bent back into place but I'll have to wait til I get in to see how bad it really is. Worst case I'll find a replacement. In all likelihood I'll build it up and just have it hanging around the shop as the occasional loner :-) Worst-worst case: Find another Bridgestone and make a mini tall out of em! :-D



Jose said...

fuck you i was bidding on that haha.
nice pick up.

CyclingWMD said...

BAH! I've had so many people comment that they were bidding on shit that I won. So funny!

James Rice said...

Yep, I was watching that one too, but then decided to buy a motorcycle.... although I haven't done that yet either.