Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well now this is kinda awesomely embarrassing..

My first 'real' bike as an adult- A 2003 Lemond Zurich that I eventually put a lame ass TT bar set up on along with a 56T DA chainring:

Yeah, like I said, kinda embarrassing, but kinda awesome. I originally bought the bike stock from the Metro Bikes on 47th street in Manhattan. One of my fondest memories of riding it around when I first got it was when the right hand side brifter shifted inwards and down a couple of inches when I hit a bump. Fucking douches. I think I got it for like $1100-1200 complete or something? Which I thought was a pretty great price at the time. Guess it still is..

In any case, it wasn't long after that I really started getting obnoxiously nerdy with bike shit that I swapped out the original cockpit for the lamer TT one. Tho I will say, that chainring made it retardedly fast! I rode that bike from my house in Jersey to The Far Rockaways in like 2&1/2 or + or - hours. I was pretty destroyed after that so I rode the E train all the way back up to the GW bridge. Which took about the same amount of time as the ride did. Only it was WAY more embarrassing than just being that guy whizzing by on a bike in spandex..

In any case, it wasn't long after that I got myself a less embarrassing road bike in the form of a Bob Jackson road bike with Bilenky installed custom cut and polished S+S couplers with Ultegra Triple 10speed, Chris King wheels/headset, a Brooks saddle and since they weren't making leather bar wrap at the time, leather bar wrap I made myself:

That thing was pretty sweet huh? I totally traveled with a few times and it was great! Regrettably, I sold it a few years later after having gotten WAY into fixed gear bikes. After not riding it for a couple of years I felt really bad. Seemed like such a waste to let it sit around and collect dust. So off it went! The one thing I was stoked on about selling it was when the legend himself, Sheldon Brown, emailed me about it:


           Im interested in your frame but need to know the size. 
           Please advise and thanks in advance.


I thought it was funny he asked about the size since I had it clearly listed. Apparently he also suffered from the my dick just got so hard looking at something awesome that I forgot to act rationally before asking a question I could have answered myself had I acted more rationally thing that almost every male ebayer seems to suffer from..

More pics of the Jackson on my flickr..

Around the same time I also put together a bitchin' locker bike in the form of a front end impacted Colnago Master frame, Lemond carbon fork (that I got for $150!!), Chris King wheels/HS and a mix of DA/Ultegra/105 9 speed parts:

Yes, I spray painted a Colnago Master frame matte black. Would I have done so if the front end wasn't impacted? Of fucking COURSE I would have! Jeez the bright ass freaking yellow paint job on there was huuurrreeennndous!

Regrettably, I sold that one as well around the same time as the Jackson for the same none use due to tarck afflicted reasons. Which kinda bums me out more than having sold the Jackson since I rode the shit out of that bike! Stupid track bikes..

While I've had a few road bikes come into my possession these two were the only ones I really held onto and actually rode-rode. Wait, I had one of those handy dandy Nashbar roadies as a locker as well but it wasn't nearly as cool as these two. Anyways, once the mini tall compact steez roadie was built, I was once again excited to be riding a road bike. Until it became a winter blizzard here of course. Snowboarding and shoveling out my big ass driveway is great and all but I'm DYING for the thermostat to rise above 50-60 degrees again..

Wow the snore factor on this post was pretty high wasn't it?! Hopefully I'll have something way more interesting soon enough :-)


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Leighton said...

Zero snore factor. Love reading about great old bikes that got away, and if you can throw in a Sheldon reference, so much the better. Also like tarck-trashin' talk. Keep it up!