Friday, January 21, 2011

A rack even a plumber could love!

This was sent in to me by a reader who like myself, just felt like building something with what they had lying around the shop:

The entire cage/basket/rack whatever it is is made of copper pipe my dad had laying around his shop. All sections are soldered together in my garage and is held up by an old fork with the steerer tube cut off and attached to bottom of the basket. Two pieces of rich warm mahogany were dilled out and put into the basket to connect it to the handlebars. A lot of work with not much planning makes for a fun project as I'm sure you know. Anyways, hope you dig it.

That's some serious Plumber's Rack!

Yeah, it's kinda ugly but fuck it man, shit is cleverly built and totally DIY! I'm sure a little flat black matte would make it look like 10 times better if he painted it. Glad to see it raw tho for the ingenuity factor..

So yeah, you basically, you have no excuse not to make your own rack out of WTF ever if you have access to tools. Materials can easily be found and if not, can be purchased for no more than $20 bucks. That about how much the RC Broham rack cost me if that. To make something similar to the copper pipe rack would cost like maybe $15 bucks more for the torch and stuff to help weld it together..

In any case, great job on the rack Craig! Paint that shit like stat tho, hehe..


I don't care if it's ugly, relatively useless or a total failure. You'll learn something regardless of the outcome- JUST FUCKING DO IT!


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ant1 said...

i like the reversed fork support.