Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Check out how..

..wicked creepy the back of this deli truck is I spotted the other day:

My first thought (after being like WTF?!) was that the quote on there should say something along the lines of- "Ancient aliens heavily influenced our race, the only true religion you need to believe in is yourself and those around you". Which may sound really fucking stupid but after having watched 2 seasons of the History Channel's AWESOME series called Ancient Aliens, it can't be helped (not to mention an old infatuation with Time Life's series of books called Mysteries of the Unknown ((87'-91')) ). Talk about mind fuckingly interesting! Seriously, check it out when you get a chance. I'll admit a good portion of it is can seem pretty far fetched but at the same time, it's totally uncanny when interpreted with modern thought and in light of recent discoveries. Not so recent a discovery, but one that torqued me the fuck out was the Antikythera Mechanism. In any case, A MUST SEE for the engineers out there! Just check out this ENTIRE clip and you're sure to be sold..

Both seasons can be found on The Pirate Bay here and here. Here's a link to Vuze if you haven't already joined the bandwagon of getting shit for free. Along with VLC player while we're at it..



Julian said...

You seen this?


CyclingWMD said...

YES, I also loved legos when I was a kid so I was pretty stoked on that :-)