Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some rad old school bike shop storefronts along with a little NSFW!

So good shit Harry from Brooklyn Bike Jumble posted on the NYC fixed board:

..aaand what you're sure to be more interested in (just some various tid bits I randomly spotted on the net):

Yeah, that last one kinda slayed me too 8-)

However if you're looking to be completely and totally ANNIHILATED then check this fucking shit out and keep in mind she has an IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER!!!

Just don't blame me for any coronaries or stokes suffered at the sight of that one. Fuuuck man.. Took me like a week to get back to normal after watching that..


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Same dude from the previous post also has this super def jam available:

Fucking stupid..

..and yes, I will admit that the frames themselves are obviously really nice. It's just the whole paint job and acc super rare and 'dope' thing that drives me up the wall.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Here's your chance!

I would love to see some douche pull up on one of those frames sporting the hat, shirt and or bag because it would give me the undeniable right to slap them across the face with the back of my hand..


This dude.. my hero!

..and so are these dudes!!

via NYC fixed..


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Mother Fuckers!

Hope you all have a good one today!

I'm sure this one's making some lucky fuck happier than a pig in shit:


What I wouldn't give for an unmarked van and a dark dank basement right about now ;-)

aaaannyways, inappropriate jokes aside:

Happy Holidays Bitcheeezzz!!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Evolution of Balance: EXTREME UNICYCLING!

Wow I just laughed myself silly watching this video! Wait for the Maxwhip- TRUST ME!!

NAUCC 2010 from Max Schulze on Vimeo.

Via Projekt B


Monday, December 20, 2010


All I have to say is:


Yeesh huh?! My sincerest apologies if you weren't sitting down for that shit. Everyone who's seen it thus far kinda has had the same super confused skid mark inducing look of amusement and shock. Which has been AWESOME to witness over and over again!

More snaps on my Flickr page..


Frame: Old low end 80's Brigestone and a gas pipe Peugeot
Fork: Extended IRO
Sram Apex 10 Speed Group
HED3 wheels with Gatorskin Tubulars
Thomson Seat post and Stem
Easton EA50 drops
Fizik Saddle and Wrap
Nitto Spare Tubular carrier
Aherne Whisky Flask holder (It's the winter after all)
My very favorite cage pedals from Nashbar xD

Wow I don't even really know where to start with discussing this build.. It really took a fuck load out of me to get it done, pretty much the whole summer. This is the first freak bike frame I've built where a large portion of it is brazed. Having never brazed before, it certainly was a challenge and HUGE learning experience. It's also the first frame I've really spent a whole shitload of time filing, cleaning and finishing up. That def took a really long fucking while. As you can see from the geo there's just about no standard angles going on with this frame. Every single tube was mitered and fit into place. As opposed to the standard freak bike mantra of using a piece of completed frame here and there. The only thing that I didn't modify was the bottom stay off the BB. So yeah, it was a fucking PITA to get everything lined up and angled as right as I could get it. Def had a hard time with the rear stays since my heat control is not quite up to par yet..

There most certainly are a bunch of mistakes here and there which you might pick up from some of the photos. Paint being the biggest. Fucking place I got the custom paint from told me the paint was a newer 'better' version since last time I was there. Which was BS since man, it was just THE WORST. I'm sure this had something to do with being used in a rattlecan instead of a sprayer. Man I really need to get one of those set-ups going one of these days. Powder coating too! Anyways, didn't help that the paint was glossy as well. I fucking HATE working with gloss! It just never turns out that good no matter how careful you are. Matte really is the way to go..

So yeah, I spent all this time cleaning and finishing the frame up all smooth and even only to have the paint come out like fucking crap. Making matters worse is that I had to add the front derailleur bridge to the frame AFTER I painted it. I was afraid I'd need to place it somewhere else but I wasn't sure til I had it built. I would've done a prebuild but once again I found myself out of time wanting to make it down to the Philly Bike Expo a couple months back. Fucking worst part is that the rattlecan ran empty and all I had was a little jar of extra paint the guy had mixed up. I shook my head in frustration, said FUCK IT and just brushed it on. So yeah, it looks like fucking garbage but whatever. I'm over it. I can always respray it if I want..

Having said all that BS, the thing is nothing short of a FUCKING BLAST to ride! Super fast, stiff and responsive. Totally gives a nice stable ride. At a hair over 28 lbs it could be lighter. Tho that's the pedals, acc and Sram Apex adding the extra grams. I could easily save like half a pound if I swapped out the rear cassette alone! Fucking thing is MASSIVE. I went with Apex because A) I really wanted to give Sram 10 a try and B) I dug the idea of having a lighter compact double group that has a triple range of gears, instead of an actual triple. So yeah, I'll gladly take versatility over weight savings. I really have to say tho, I'm fucken digging on it big time! I went for a nice 20 mile ride around my area, hit some killer hills and was able to climb everything no problem. Fucken stoked!

One of my favorite, and super fucking dorky, moments came when I was leaving The Cosmic Wheel in Ridgefield Park NJ during a ride. I hopped on my valiant steed and made my way to the intersection. The light was about to change so I gunned it shifting as I went. I LOVE the sound of shifting hard on HED3s. It makes this loud hollow sounding DUNK, DUNK, DUNK sound. As this is all happening and I'm approaching/flying through the intersection, I notice this guy pull up in the opposite direction on what looked like a department store bought hybrid MTB thing. He stopped for the light and had this big grin on his face like he just bought it and was super stoked on his first ride. Then he hears my drive train shifting and looks up at me as I'm screaming by. The look on his face went from child like jubilance to utterly shattered in a heartbeat. It was kinda like watching those reaction videos of people watching two girls, one cup- SO HILARIOUS! I kinda felt bad but I totally lulzed my ass off anyways, hehe..

All in all this was a MAJOR fucking learning experience. I made a lot of mistakes but what it comes down to is that for someone who has zero formal training with this sort of thing, it's def not a bad effort and I'm not going to let myself get down on it's various pitfalls. Especially considering the fact that, and I'm TOTALLY patting myself on the back about this, is that the design of this thing is really WAY the fuck out there! I mean, I've never seen anything remotely like it. Which is something I'm super, super fucking stoked on since it's what I'm most interested in exploring when it comes to frame building. I'm really looking forward to building more of these frames in the future. I already have the next one in mind! Hopefully one day someone out there will grow some balls and have me make them one, hehe- pussies!

Yet another HUGEMONGOUS THANKS TO BENZ AGAINZ! More mini tall builds to come so WATCH THE FUCK OUT!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Now had I thought of.. would've read something along the lines of:


You've just been severely cursed out cause your fat fucking ignorant ass was too fucking oblivious to conceive the notion of any other mode of transportation OR THE SAFETY OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING because your dick is too small or you have to cover the bags under your eyes with enough concealer to plug a storm drain and have to compensate by driving some big shitty car. I understand you can't think of anything but yourself but could you please watch the fuck out next time? You almost fucking killed me asshole!

Granted I'm being somewhat facetious with my version but it def doesn't scream I'm a liberal PC twat and you could roll over me with a No. 2 Pencil as much as mine would. Not to mention the fact that if I was to actually prepare myself for near misses with cars, I think I'd rather hold down some ninja throwing stars if anything. I mean, come on- a magnet?! As tho the driver would find it, peel it off and sit there contemplating the full meaning of what their actions or rather in-actions could've caused... Please!

For instance: This one day a while back I was running some errands etc in town with my car. I know, shame on me for owning one right? Cunts. Anyways, I had my bike in back as I usually do so after I was done I decided to go for a ride. I'm sitting there on the side walk putting my bag and helmet on when this unconscionably fat guy slowly waddles by. I mean this guy was so fat he was wearing enough material you could stich yourself an etire bed set- for reals! I noticed him looking at me as he slowly waddled by with some woman (he's undoubtedly related to). After he passes I hear him say to her under his breath: 'If someone was leaning their bike against my car I'd kick his fucking ass' Now, if you can imagine a pressure gauge for a steam pipe going from zero to steam gushing red and bursting, then you have an idea of how fucking angry I got when I heard that. The worst part is that I couldn't really say anything back since A) I barely heard him and he didn't say it directly to me and B) I didn't want to waste time searching for another spot. Cause wow, I would've LOVED to have given that fat ignorant fuck face a what for. Nothing pleases me more than saying super offensive shit to people like that cause I know they don't have the brain power to come back with anything smart..

In any case, my point is that the fucking guy had the nerve to make a comment about me LEANING my bike against SOMEONE ELSE'S car. I don't even want to know what he'd say if he cut right in front of me at an intersection causing me to run into him. Suffice it to say, it certainly wouldn't be anything smart..

I guess what I'm trying to say with all this is that while taking the high road and diplomacy is super great and I'm all for it, high minded efforts are unfortunately wasted on the average dumb fuck out there. It really sucks, you may not want to believe it, but it's a fact of life so get over it. Most of the time you can avoid confrontation but there's going to be that one time when you just can't and taking the high road or walking away isn't an option (like when your wheel is taco'ed). So be ready, be smart and say something offensive cause honestly, disrespectful people like that don't know how to respond to anything else nor do they deserve your reverence..


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross Race TOMORROW!!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it out to this. It's sure to be an awesome time for everyone who attends tho!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet Cuevas Track AND Road frames!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The funny thing about being unemployed.. that you find yourself doing a lot of things you ordinarily wouldn't be doing. Like plumbing for instance:

For some reason three out of four kitchen faucets in my building needed attention this past week or so. Fucking bizarre. Tho at least I'm getting my money's worth out of that Hozan Lockring tool! Seriously, I've used that fucker more on non cycling occasions that what it was originally intended for. Such a great tool to have at your disposal!

The weather has also been getting pretty fucking shitty here in the Jerz/NYC area. I've got TONS to photograph for all y'allz but it's either rainy, too windy, I'm busy with faucets or the light is just plain shit. Whatever I have managed to photograph, I can't retouch and post until I get myself a bright new retouching screen. And with xmas around the corner, I'm not so sure when that's going to happen. I'll totally get some stuff up soon tho. I'm just gonna go to my buddy's place and use his..

In the meantime, sorry for the lack of posts. I HAVE SO MANY MOTHER FUCKING IDEAS AND THINGS TO POST IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. This strange new phase of my life being unemployed for the first time since I was 14 (yes, 14!!) has been interesting to say the least. Refreshing like you wouldn't believe, but it's def fucking weird! I've been unemployed for something like two months now and only recently has the concept of it NOT being a Saturday or Sunday set in. For the longest time, I was going by weekend rules and it was fucking with my program like you don't even know..

Being unemployed has also hampered my 'online life' dare I say. It's a lot harder for me to keep in touch with friends and various blogs etc when I'm not being forced to sit at a desk all day at a job that requires 3 hours of work per 8 hour day. I find it really easy to keep myself busy with various projects around the house and in my shop rather than just lay in bed with my laptop. Which is also nice now and again but I just feel guilty if I'm not being productive these days. Keeping some sort of schedule with yourself is super important if you're not working. It's not easy at first, but I think I'm getting there now..

So what should you derive from all this? Everything and nothing. It is what it is. For all intensive purposes, I think it'll be fucking great for a while. Take a break. Chill. Collect mah mutha fucken unemployment! Work on all the various personal projects I've never been able to focus on. Along with a few others I've come up with :-)

The two most recent being what I'm calling the 'RC Bro-ham rack' and the '40 1/2 cage'. Both coming very shortly so check back again soon suckaz!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This is a good example..

..of one of the things that SLAYS me every time I visit the Bilenky shop- freaking near perfect fillets right off the bat!


Monday, December 6, 2010

God I love these stoner comics!




Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bitchin' Spectrum Pursuit!


That rear seat stay is killin' it!

Matching stem to boot!

I'm really hope I can stumble upon one of these frames for cheap some day. Dying to ride one set up with some ape hangars!

More tasty treats from Roberto Bicicletas'


Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is kiiiiind of amazing!

ZOMG it's so bad that it's fucking AWESOME! Like, REALLY awesome!! Mostly because minus the purple anno it's kinda period correct..

Then there's also this:

Seeing that set up and knowing that I own one of those little bastards makes me want to do something similar to mine. Tho I think it would be radder to weld on a derailleur hangar and widen the stay to accommodate a cassette almost as large as the wheel. Maybe some STI's too, hehe..

I spotted this Vitus freaking BMX frame a while back and man, so rad! Check out the seat stay and BB lugz!!

Wouldn't catch me hitting anything big on it tho..

Anyways, if someone happens to have a really nice retouching screen they can sell, trade for bike parts or give me access to their office long enough to steal one myself, that would be fucking great! The screen on my 3 year old Macbook just ain't cutting it and I have A LOT of photo work to be gettin' done..