Monday, August 30, 2010

A lil' sneakpeak.. one of the TWO new freak bikes I'm in the middle of building:


Don't worry, I'll etch out the hole in the 'D' eventually. In any case, I'm SUPER stoked to get em out on the road!

Also, I know it's not perfection. I'm a self taught novice for fucks sake! That and well, with freak bikes, even tho I'm putting like two shit tons of extra effort into building em, I still like to keep it a little janky. I could sit there and spend a extra few hours making something perfect and sparkly but I feel as tho it would do more to diminish it's intrinsic value than add to it overall..

Nuf said. Get off yer laurels and build a fun janky ass bike of your own!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Just a little something to piss you off before the weekend!


I only quickly perused the article on purpose because I know it'll seriously piss me off. That and it's the Post so who really cares what a bunch of overweight and ugly retouched people have to say about something they're just jealous they can't enjoy as well. Also, this is New York fucking city. Said ignorant fat twat makes it sound as if getting rid of cyclists is the answer and you'll be able to safely walk down the street without looking both ways once their gone. I mean, it's not as if you suddenly wouldn't have to worry about anyone of the THOUSANDS OF FUCKED UP SHITTY DRIVERS SPEEDING AROUND TOWN IN TWO TON+ VEHICLES LIKE FUCKING RETARDS NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT 95% OF THE YELLOW CAB DRIVERS HAVE ZERO MOTHER FUCKING RESPECT FOR ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THEIR GOD DAMNED TIP JAR..

Yeah, paint over the bike lanes and 'take back the streets' you grievous cunt. It's not as if cycling wasn't around for just a liiiiiittle bit longer that automobiles to begin with or anything. But yeah, once we're all gone you can comfortably catch a cab to go 20 blocks cause you can't walk your fat ass up or down subway stairs without wheezing and your kankles getting all swollen. I mean, perish the thought of walking!

Having said all that, I will say this to all the helmet-less wrong way riding fucktards out there:



Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Sweet and Silver NAGASAWA on the bay!

DAAAMMMNN fine one at that!

Along with a bunch of Panto'ed Nagasawa parts too!!


I'd be all over that shit if A) The stem wasn't a 110, B) I didn't already have DA10 drive train on mine and C) Already have a fine saddle. Super wicked awesome to outfit a Nag with that's for damn sure!!

Oh and holy fucking wow does this dude ever have some other good shit up there as well!:

Check it all out on his sellers list!

..meanwhile, in Korea..


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've kinda been diggin' on these funktified Frankenbikes from hell lately:

Mostly cause I have an AWESOME one going myself right now. Just need the sun to come out again so I can take some nice pics of it. Tho it's no where near as reddic as the one above!



..and there was much rejoicing :'-D

You should too cause this means I can get back at it again FINALLY..


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Titanium Touring Anyone..?


Here's another!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Retardedly RADICAL Rauler!

This was sent to me by a reader and it. is. fuckiiiinnnnngggGNARRrrr!:

The Details:

Rauler Pista, 55x55, 1970's
Cinelli steel #14 w/ calf leather and cork plugs, Cinelli steel #2
original Rauler, Campagnolo record pista
Campagnolo record pista 32h, Nisi moncalieri pista, Clement tubular - laced 2x + tied and soldered
Campagnolo record pista 32h, Nisi moncalieri pista, Clement tubular - laced 2x + tied and soldered
Campagnolo record pista 170mm 144BCD, Campagnolo record BB
butchered Ideale 90, Campagnolo super record
Campagnolo record pista w/ Alfredo Binda straps & Campagnolo steel clips and caps, stainless 1/8"

You may call it bling but this one year project turned out pretty good. It started with a slightly rusty piece of metal that I got from Italy. Bare steel, never built up since it was manufactured, probably in the 70's.
I decided to go with a classic track setup and be as period correct as possible (to my assumption..) Full campagnolo equipment and a fully chromed, nude, body. The frame has a tight rear and a perky front. It's super stiff and rides great.
The project involved more than 'just' chroming the frame. The bars were straightened, refinished and leather clad, saddle chopped, parts polished, pantos painted, decals applied, spokes tied & soldered and all the leather works were dyed to match the old saddle.

As a concluding word, I can just say that you will only hand polish one bike frame a lifetime...

Thanks for sending me that Erik! SICK mmmmmmuuutherfucking job man!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Right so yeah, things have been kinda sorta on the SUCK side of things lately..

Wow has shit ever been wicked stressful at the office lately! This past week and a bit has been nothing short of exacerbating for me with everything I'm behind on and my office relocating to freaking 3 Times Square last week. The situation is pretty lame right now. Hence the nearly non existent posts over the last week and a half. Mostly dude to the fact that I have ZERO internet access at work now. Yeah, reddic.. I can't even get it on my phone due to poor reception for whatever reason. So yeah, I've been filling in those moments between duties with a lot of eye rolling, long winded sighs and thumb twiddling. Some doodling tossed in there for good measure..

So yeah I'm really super sorry there hasn't been a whole lot more going on here lately. That's SO going to change real soon. I've been reassured that the planets of the bicycle gods are going to be in alignment shortly. Once this momentous occasion is upon us, there'll be a slayfest of bicycle nerding awesomeness the likes of which no mortal has ever witnessed!!

It would be as if this blog sprouted tits and shot lasers out of them and into your hearts and minds..

Man are tits ever awesome!

In the meantime, here's a gorgeous gaggle of gropeable goochez to keep you gregariously gasping for a generous grasp:

This sexy ass white one for sale by a friend:


57cm ctc top tube by 57cm ctc seat tube 1" threadless fork 68mm english bb curved seat tube makes the chain stays shorter - like a true track bike should have the top tube is level to the ground rides comfortable and quick not sure about the angles (somewhere around 74 degrees) made from true temper s3, some special Yamaguchi proprietary tubes as he had contacts with true temper no dent or dings, only a few minor paint scratches pearl white metallic flake paint 27.2 seatpost stem is 58 degree deep drop, 26.0 clamp, you can squeeze 28c tires on, but it would be tight the fork is a special Yamaguchi "big" fork, straight blades high bottom bracket

The seller is looking for $1500 and you can contact him here for any other details and or questions:

..and then, there's the heartbreaker:

A god dammed Team EDS mmmmmmmMOTHER FUCKING TANDEM that managed to slip out of my greasy palms originally posted for $1200 on c-list:


Fuck man yeah, SUCH a godforsaken shame of a bummer! I'd be lying if I said that not having that in my stable wasn't a major contributing factor to my recent bout of dismay :'-(


Anyways, more to come soon. Just you wait..


Monday, August 9, 2010

This is SO me right now!


Although this would be a more accurate graph as it pertains to my situation:


It's like a catch 22 or some shit only not cause it's just me being a total douche..

No seriously tho, I have some much shit going on project wise it's not even funny. Hoping that the red line will spike again real soon!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Beautiful 1983 Bianchi Super Leggera Roadie!

Somethin' else huh..?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seen on Street: Lovely Rivendell Touring bike!

Damn this thing was hhhhhella nice! Lotsa great deetz:

Shot with my fancy pants new iPhone4. Def not bad considering. First time I used it so I'll have to mess around with it some more. I've seen video shot with it as well and it's very not bad!

Anyways, I spied this creamsicle dream while heading back to my office earlier today. I had to go get a new photo ID for the building the company that bought my company is relocating us to. In Times Square... Yeah, not too super stoked on that. Fucking NIGHTMARE location at best! Granted the occasional walk from Port Authority will be MUCH shorter than it is now but having to lock up outside in that busy ass nighborhood leaves much to be desired. Curious if I'm going to be able to bring my bike up to my desk or not too..

I'm also going to have to go scope out some new threads at Outlier as well since WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR SHORTS OR JEANS THERE.. Yeah.. fuckiiiinnnngggg BULL SHIT! Esp considering the industry I work in has always been known as wicked casual. Today is actually the first day I've worn pants in literally like two something months. What a bummer..

The other lame ass part about this is that in all likelihood, the internet access there is sure to be very limited. Which I'm also not looking forward to. Hopefully I'll still be able to sneak in a post or two during the day. Tho it wouldn't surprise me if my more in depth posts later were relegated to the after work hours. So we'll see. I'm formulating an orgy sized post now so hopefully I can get that done before the move. More soon!