Friday, July 30, 2010

OT: The PERFECT Teddy Bear for your lady friend! long as she's not a total prissy cunt of course:

Get it here!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1952 Cilo Roadie!

Wow this thing is ALL types ah sexeh!


More of it here along with a gallery of other sexy bike pics here..

Seen via the NYC fixed board..


Ben'z strikes againz!

I'd been needing a few tid bits to finish up some builds for a while now so I'm stoked to finally get all this:


Thanks again fellaz!

I'm also stoked to hear about SRAM's new APEX road group:

I first read about it here and I'm pretty amped on it!

Anyone have experience with this group and or any of SRAM's compact set up's? I've always been a Shimano man myself but have been super curious about SRAM since they first came out with their new road group line..

Anyways, things have been busy as per usual. Have LOTS brewing right now with not a whole lot of time to get it all done in. Hence the lack of blog posts. Rest assured I've got some great projects cookin' which are sure to make for some sizzlingly snazzy blog posts..


Til then here's a quick snap while working on a fork extension:

Oh and I just noticed that there's another Brooklyn Bike Jumble coming up in September:



Friday, July 23, 2010

Colnago Master Pista FOR SALE!

Selling this for the dude who bought my White Nagasawa recently. Fucking thing is super sick and in IMMACULATE condition aside from the one nick on the TT pictured. Gilco Tubing and all the tastiness Colnago has to offer in it's high end classic lugged steel frame line. Check it out:

Couple more pics on my flickr..

From what I gather from the interwebz is that it's a 56cm frame from 08'/09'. I think the TT is a 55cm. I'll update this if I can find some more info about the geo. In any case, the dude barely rode it and is looking for $1900 which includes the Chris King Headset and Campagnolo Record BB. You can get in touch with him at this email address for more info:

He actually offered it up to me in trade for the Nag and let me tell you, it was a struggle to say the least turning that sexy bitch down! Soooo WANT!! But yeah, I have enough freaking track bikes I'm working on already. Time to get back to some freak bikes and new road bike building :-)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nashbar No Frills Road frame: CLOSE UP!

I know I've mentioned time and time again about how much I dig these cheapy Nashbar road frames. When the one I ordered for my lady friend came in, I figured I'd share before the build up:

I know, lovingly built by robots.. They were on sale for $99 and with the 25% coupon I posted last week it was a steal at $75! I'm actually kinda pissed I didn't get one for myself come to think of it. The frame pictured is a 54cm frame. 54cm CTC ST and 53cm CTC TT. It seemed like it a was a hair longer on both those measurements but we're talking a few millimeters at most. As is the frame weights in a 3.65lbs. Not great but not that bad either!

The thing I like most about these frames is the longer legs than arms geometry they offer. T-Rex fit in other words, hehe. I don't know bout ya'll but I'm SO SUPER SICK of frames having longer TTs than STs. Drives me NUTS whenever I'm trying to find something for myself and others with a similar fit..

So yeah, if you're in need of a locker/beater frame for yourself or a friend that's totally disposable and fun to ride, this is SO it! Just wait for Nashbar to run a sale and you're gtg!

I'll be sure to post some photos once it's done..


OT - A Reasonable Facsimile..

A few weeks ago I decided it was about time I get some sort of seating going on in my backyard. Mostly for when I have friends over for BBQs and such. Not being one for spending a lot of money for some random cheap crap or overpaying for typically boring wooden shit, I decided to scour the interwebz for some DIY instructions or something. It took me a while of sorting through average boring shit before I spotted this rather awesome design:

However, this is where it gets interesting since there were no instructions or dimensions or any info on how to build them. Only the $1200 price tag FOR ONE. Naturally I was pretty bummed since it's a really great design. I would credit the dude who came up with it but I don't recall how I found the bench in the first place..

Anyways, I looked around hoping I would find a side view to get a better idea as to how it was constructed. Luckily I came across this:

Which came in SUPER handy when attempting to transfer the angles and dimension into an actual mock up. I messed around with some cardboard, ruler and protractor until I got things about where I wanted them and felt they looked best/closest to the original. Then used some scrap wood to build a prototype of sorts to actually sit in before going to town on the treated lumber I purchased the next day..

Now, please keep in mind that I obviously wasn't going for the same smooth lines and perfection as the original. Esp since all I had at my disposal was a circular saw and drill! I just wanted something cheap, effective and different for my backyard that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I for one was thrilled with the results:

Not bad for no instructions huh??

Took me a little while to figure it all out but once I did it built up quick! I actually bought and cut enough wood for a second one but I haven't had any free time to assemble it yet..

So yeah, nothing like the original but since all the wood and screws for TWO complete benches cost me like $70 bucks total, I'm cool with spending the difference on MOAR BIKE PARTS!!!

Also, shit is ALL types ah comfy to chill on! My friends were diggin' it post Slacker Ride :-)

If anyone's seriously interested in building a set of these for themselves I can add my measurements and angles to this post for further replication..

UPDATE: People have been asking about making their own bench using my dimensions as a short cut. Be sure to check out this DIY post featuring the specs and assembly to make your own!


SUPER SICK Zunow Roadie frame!

SO many GORGEOUS details on this one! I would SO love to own one some day!!

Posted by Simon on the local NYCfixed forum..


Monday, July 19, 2010

OT: The Town That Was - Centrailia, PA

For those of you unaware of the former town of Centrailia PA, I just noticed a great documentary about it on Hulu. Without spoiling it for you, Centrailia was once a thriving community. A rural coal mining town that's located on top of the richest vein of Anthracite coal on the planet. Anthracite is the oldest and purest coal on the planet. 96% of the US's and 3/4 of the world's, supply is located there. Which accidentally caught fire in 1962 AND HAS BEEN BURNING OUT OF CONTROL EVER SINCE..

Yeah, fucking gnarly right?!

This should give you a pretty clear explanation of the title of the documentary taken from a poem:

..and what prompted many of it's citizens to leave:

I was first made aware of Centrailia by my friend Kristen years ago and have been wanting to go visit ever since. In fact, she'll undoubtedly shit herself when she sees this post about the documentary and kick my ass via email about not having gone sooner..

In any case, I still want to go and one day I'll be up for a 3 hour drive to essentially no where to breath fucked up gasses and take creepy weird photos of abandoned buildings, highways and smoke randomly bellowing from the ground. I just hope I see John Lokitis there cause I'd like to shake his hand..



Why in gods name do the hubs I've been lusting after always have to turn up in the hands of a fucking SWINDLER??!!!


The cheapest I've ever seen these is like $600 and the thought of asking that, let alone mother fucking $900 dollars is absolutely LUDICROUS! I get that they're rare and all but COME THE FUCK ON ALREADY YOU DIRTY BASTARDS!!!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Okay this photo album is kinda sorta..


Check it:

What the?!

Oh dawg..

Oh nniiiiiceeee!

Wait, wut?!










Was it as good for you as it was for me?

LOTS more here..


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guess who's got a whooooolllleee lotta NOS DA10 coming in soon?!!

Fuuuuck yea man! SUUUPER STOKED!! Should be here in the next couple of weeks:

If you recall I posted this group a little while back when it turned up on ebay:

Up for auction is a large group of mostly NOS Dura Ace 10 pitch track components. DA 10 pitch stuff is becoming increasingly harder to come by...this could be someone's chance to amass a good chunk of components. The list is as follows:

1 NOS DA 10 pitch chain in box 130 links
1 NOS 36 hole hubset with NOS 10 pitch lockring
1 lightly used 36 hole hubset w/ lockring and 15 tooth cog {photos indicate signs of use}
1 lightly used 15 tooth 10 pitch cog
3 NOS DA 10 pitch cogs / 14, 15, and 16 tooth
4 NOS DA 10 pitch chainrings / 50, 51, 52, and 53 tooth
1 lightly used 46 tooth chainring
1 NOS DA 10 pitch crankset in box 165mm w/ chainring
1 NOS DA 10 pitch italian threaded BB
1 NOS set of chainring tools included with crankset

The group never sold and wasn't relisted either. >> a month and a month and a half later when this email turns up in my inbox:


I recently came across your blog and noticed you had posted a link to a listing I had on Ebay a while back for some Dura Ace 10 pitch components. If you are interested in the group I would sell the lot for $1,275.00 shipped. I would prefer the components go to a bike enthusiast who would enjoy them and not have them sit in my storage for another 12 years... I am in the process of getting some new equipment to build out a small machine shop and could you the money towards the expense.

Let me know if you are interested. -DC


What are the chances that I toss a proffered figure out there that the seller randomly stumbles across it and goes for it?


As if that wasn't good enough I was just thinking of where I should allocate a portion of the funds I recently received for my white Nagasawa:


Dude I sold it to was cool as hell too! DEF made parting with it MUCH easier knowing it was going into the right hands. If you live in the New Haven CT area keep your eyes open cause you might just see it rolling around yo heewwwd..

Also, speaking of DA10 I picked up this NOS 15T cog about a week ago from Sasha:

I'd been hounding the living shit out of him from the minute he told me he had it. Primarily because it has the STANDARD HUB THREADING! For those of you unaware, DA10 hubs and cogs have has a slightly smaller threading than the standard for just that little bit of extra weight savings. That and well, if you saw the cogs in person you'd understand why they had to downsize the threading. SO SMALL! I also have a DA10 threaded cog with the standard 12.7mm teeth on it but this new one is juuuust what I'd been searching for..

Anyways, the great thing about this cog is that I now have the option of running DA10 on any hub set of my choosing! Now if only I could think of which bike would it would be best suited for.. Actually, I know exactly which bike it's going on I'm just not going to tell you.. yet..

In non DA10, yet still pretty damn awesome news, check out this REDONK Jack Taylor Tandem from the Oakland swap meet/bike show from this past Sunday seen by William of the NYC fixed board:

Now if that doesn't make your dick hard then there's something seriously wrong with you! ..or maybe it's just me..

I was also super stoked to see what appears to be this F.Moser from a little while back getting built up awesomely:

Then here's a few sexy laaaadehz:

Very nice, very nice..

Along with a lil lulz since it fucking KILLED me: