Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Dennis Hopper..

What a bummer!


Friday, May 28, 2010

SUPER SICK Custom Tom Kellogg DA10 Track Racer!

MAN would I ever LOVE to own rub my nuts all over this bike!

Same combo I've got going on the White Nag. DA10 laced to Ayraya Titaace Ti Rims. So. Totally. BITCHIN'!!!

Specs and info as listed:

Classic 1980 model Tom Kellogg custom built Track Bike

Offered for sale is one of the coolest track bikes ever built. It is

in virtually new condition, with approximately 100 miles of use.

Tom built the bike for Patrick Sercu to ride on a board track velodrome

in Chicago in the summer of 1980. Sercu was recently honored as the

"Winningest 6 Day Racer" of all time in Europe. Jack Simes, the coach

of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Cycling Team, who had raced against Sercu

many times, was also the founder of the Panasonic - Shimano Cycling

Team, which was the first professional racing team in the U.S. Simes

asked Sercu to come to the race in Chicago so that there was some

"star power" to promote the race with. He agreed, but didn't want to travel

from Belgium with a bike, so Jack had Tom build this frame for him for this

one race. I was living in Trexlertown at the time, and racing at the "T-town"

Velodrome, and had the great fortune to buy the bike from Jack when Patrick

returned to Europe. Shortly after I moved out here to San Jose and only ever

rode it twice at the track in Hellyer Park. It really is in virtually brand new

condition. Here are a few of the specs:

Built with Columbus SL double butted chrome moly tubing

Seat tube measures 57.0 cm center to center

Top tube measures 57.5 cm center to center

Shimano Dura Ace 10mm crank arms are 165mm in length

with a 48 tooth chain ring and a 15 tooth cog.

Cinelli model 64 track bars

Cinelli Buffalo Hide saddle

Shimano Dura Ace high flange hubs

Araya Titanium alloy tubular rims


Thursday, May 27, 2010

SICK old school Wooden Rollers on the bay!

I'm not sure if these are the exact same rollers as I saw a while back at Strictly Cycles or not but man, they are fucking AWESOME looking in person!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

42x12: The Cult of Fixed book..

Why am I mentioning this to you guys? Because I has many quotes in it:

Larger pic here..

Not as many of my photos as I would've liked but if you spot a copy, be sure to give it a flip through to check it out along with the three other pages with my scribblings on it. The book looks great otherwise! Nice job guys and thanks again for including me in it!! Now send me that copy you promised to hook me up with :-)

If you want a copy for yourself, you can get it here..

Meanwhile.. In Korea..


Bicycle Fetish Day 2010!

Like every year, Bicycle Fetish Day goes off without a hitch and is an awesome day with lots of entertainment, bikes and nerdy friends. This year was the biggest turnout yet! WAY more vendors than ever before and like, 3 times as many people as usual- it was awesome!! I actually had such a great time I didn't even really take that many photos. Here's a few of my favs:

This dude's shaved ice rig was REDONK!

Johnny Coast in the foreground there scopin' it out..

The homies were also scopin' it on it too. I got the feeling like they weren't sure how they felt about it. That or they knew EXACTLY how they felt about it..

Here's a quick video of the Marching band too:

The Mini Tall Tarck won for best tall bike which I was stoked on! More so when I realized there was actually an awesome prize to boot:

Fuuuuck yea, an Outlier shirt and cap- AWESOME! It's funny cause I was thinking of getting one of the hats at the Jumble but they ran out of my size/color. Bitchin'! The shirt may seem pricey but MAN.. Shit iiiiiiiiiz cozy!!

All in all, an awesome day..

More snaps from the day on my flickr set..

Sorry I didn't post these sooner BTW. Got a lot going on these last few days and I'm having a hard time catching up. SO looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend!! Not only is it.. but I'm taking Friday off and heading down to Philly to shoot gunz, eat cheese steak sammichs and stop in to the various rad bike shops to say what's up and possibly pick up a few odds and ends. Then head over to the Jersey shore (no not that Jersey Shore or anywhere near it) to chillax at the beach. Prolly just hang at home Sun and Mon to finish up my new BBQ grill I'm building and serve up some tasty treats come Monday afternoon..


Wow.. Really..?

I know this is on every other blog out there but it's def still worth the post. So Reddic!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Oldie but a GOLDIE!

I remember being BLOWN AWAY by this bicycle ballet video a long while back when Dennis from Fixed Gear Gallery posted it on the site. I just spotted it again today and figured it was worth reposting whether you've seen it before or not. Enjoy:


Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike Shorts Tomorrow night!

Here's another great event happening tomorrow after the Bicycle Fetish Day block party:

More here!


Johhny Coast Three Way!

Damn Ben!

So gnar!


Bicycle Fetish Day TOMORROW!!!

Bicycle Fetish Day is probably my favorite event during Bike month here in the city. Super stoked for tomorrow so try and make it out- this one's sure to be bananas! Snaps from last year..

The City Reliquary Proudly Presents
The 6th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day!
Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 from 12noon – 6pm
Havemeyer between Grand and Hope Sts.
Afterparty in the CR Backyard 6 – 10pm.

WILLIAMSBURGH – IT’S A BLOCK PARTY FOR YOUR BICYCLE! The Sixth Annual Bicycle Fetish Day takes place on Havemeyer Street between Grand & Hope Sts. "Best of..." Bicycle Contests, "Goldsprints" Stationary Races, Alley Cat Race, Advocacy Groups, Info tables, and Artists and MORE!! With a BBQ grill and more, you couldn’t miss this yearly celebration of all things bicycle.

Bring Your Bikes! Show 'em off!! We've Got Prizes!!!

Contests include: Best VINTAGE Bike, Best Shiny Bike, Best Family Bike, Best Mutant Bike, Best BMX, Best WORST Bike, Best in Show and much more! Win great bike prizes donated by: Outlier Tailored Performance, Velo Brooklyn Bushwick Bike Shop, Affinity Cycles, including TWO FREE BIKES from TREK and NYCBikes!

Cycling, Artists, and informational booths including:
BIKENY, Transportation Alternatives, Times UP!, Taliah Lempert Bicycle Paintings, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, Coast Cycles, Horse Cycles, Nona Varnado, Domes for Haiti, NYC DOT Bicycle Program, Swagger Saddles and a Bake Sale to Help Chombo Get His Teeth Back!!

BMX Tricks courtesy of POST Bike Shop.
Goldsprints Stationary Race courtesy of Affinity Cycles
Alley Cat @ 2pm Courtesy of Victor "Don't Steal Bikes Bro" Ouma

Performances by: Heels on Wheels, Lucky Chops Brass Band, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, plus DJ Stacher & Dirtyfinger on the turntables all afternoon!

AFTERPARTY @ 6PM at the City Reliquary with Brooklyn Beers for sale. Featuring the amazing Apocalypse Five and Dime and DJ Tinsletown!

And, new this year, cyclistically designed 6th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day bandanas to commemorate the event!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!
Official Schedule:
12noon – 1pm: BBQ grill & block party starts to warm up
1pm: Heels on Wheels Dance Troupe struts their stuff
1:30pm: DJ Stacher starts on the decks.
2pm: AlleyCat & Bike Contest Registration gets underway.
3pm: Post Bikes BMX turn some tricks in the street.
3:30pm: The Lucky Chops Brass Band blasts all bike blues away.
4pm: DJ Dirtyfinger takes over with sticky jams
5pm: Bicycle Contest winners announced.
5:30pm: Rude Mechanical Orchestra brings the block party to the backyard of the City Reliquary.
6pm: Afterparty starts in the CR’s backyard.
6:30pm: Apocalypse Five and Dime perform in the CR backyard.
7pm: DJ Tinseltown takes over through 10pm.

The 6th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day
A Block Party for Your Bicycle!
Havemeyer St btw Grand and Hope Sts.
Noon – 6pm
Afterparty at the city Reliquary, 6 – 10pm.
370 Metropolitan Avenue.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teeny Cuevas track?! AWESOME!!

Never seen one as small as this before!

Looks pretty sweet and the price for a full complete is really great!!


Reddic NOS ICS Campy C-Record group!

Damn this shit is fiiiiiinnnnne as all hell!

..and it's got a price to match it's prettiness too!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How someone could 'use' this as.. room art is WAY Beyond me!

Who the fuck wants to stare at THAT on a regular basis?! As if the stretched out cable and bar/stem set up wasn't enough he's got freaking formula hubs on there- awesome!

However the frame is quite nice:

..just needs to be properly dressed.. IN ALL BLACK!!! Tho I suppose if you're a campy wanker that would also do the trick..


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brookyln Bike jumble 3.0!

This past Sunday was the ever enjoyable Brooklyn Bike Jumble! Lots of rad parts, bikes and people were seen, haggled and BS'ed with. In other words it was an awesome day!

Here are a few of my fav pics:

Along with this nice snap Prolly got of my Mini Tall Tarck which for some reason spaced on taking myself:

I know I'm not the only one who's stoked he got a photographic upgrade..

Here are my scores from the day!

Great Cond DA10 rear hub laced to a vintage Araya Red tubular, tied and soldered! - $75!

Great Cond DA10 16T Cog - Included with DA10 Wheel!

NOS Suntour Superbe 26.8 post - $20!

Good Cond Threadless stem adapter - $5!

The fact that all I spent was a measly $100 bucks is a WIN all by itself!

Yet another awesome event host by Harry- Great job man! One of my fav events of the year now :-)

Here's the full slide show from the event:

Next weekend is Bike Fetish day along with my next Summer Slacker Series ride up to the old abandoned Yonkers Power Plant- Stoked!





SO GNAR!! Those would all fit me quite nicely too. Slayin' me buddha.. SLAYIN' ME!!!

p.s. - get back to me when you get a chance BTW so I can you know.. send you that 'thing' we talked about for that other thing we talked about ;-)


Mostly NOS group of Dura Ace 10 Pitch- WICKED!!

Wicked expensive too unfortunately:

I'd be all over it if it was closer to say.. $1200..


Friday, May 14, 2010

Pavement licker alert!

Damn this Medici is mmmmmMAD low down in front!

Ape Hangars- ahm tellin' you!


Seen on street!

I spotted this fatty tire street whip over on 38th the other day:

Along with this awesome Japanese Curry joint called GO!GO!CURRY!:

Finding cheap new lunch NOMZ is always a good thing!


Check out this AWESOME mini ALAN Roadie!

My buddy Alan sent it to me and was saying it would be awesome to name a kid Alan just so he'd have an ALAN to ride when he's just a youngin'..


Also not cheap so it's not happening unfortunately. Otherwise I'd LOVE to own this sweet mini machine! Shit, I'd ride it around for the hell of it myself :-)

Oh and in other logo news, he also sent me this new idea for a palindrome logo version:

That's just like a super quick rendering he did BTW. Fucking SICK idea tho right?! I tried messing around with it a bit but my brain is seriously melted from all the logo BS I've been thinking WAY too much about lately..

Another reader sent me his bored at work version of my original one:

Thanks a bunch Bernard!

It def looks cool but it's a bit too smooth and slick lookin' for me. If I HAVE to have a logo it needs to have a more janky uneven hand drawn look to it. Just seems like a better fit that way..

In any case, I'm really stoked on everyone's input and ideas so thanks again to everyone who's lent a hand!


Just to remind all ya'll: The Brooklyn Bike Jumble is THIS SUNDAY!!

Hope you've been saving cause great deals are sure to be had this Sunday at the Jumble! I'll be there trying NOT to buy anymore shit I don't need along with taking some snaps of all the goodies like I did at the previous two. (1 & 2)

You can also catch the Strong Backs Weaker Minds exhibit if you haven't already at the Old Stone House adjacent to the Jumble:

See you suckaz there!