Monday, September 20, 2010

Note to self:

To avoid computer flopping off bed and crashing onto floor resulting in a destroyed magsafe power connector, place it elsewhere before performing the crossface chickenwing suplex on tiny asian girlfriend:

As much of a bummer it was to see my laptop do a little dance on the floor before landing face down, screen hinge fully extended, it certainly wasn't as pathetic a circumstance as the last time I broke it. Luckily the damage was minimal and at this point I'm a whiz at fixing my overly abused machine. I made an order for a new left hand IO board to along with a new 500g 7200rpm hard drive while I was at it. I had storage issues a week something ago and was forced to wipe my old drive when the start up disk was so full it wouldn't start. NO.. It wasn't overflowing with porn.. assholes..

Speaking of which, I guess it's back to VHS for the time being!


1 comment:

Surly Dave said...

Crossface chickenwing supplex? what kind of move is that? Not even urban dictionary can help on that one.