Monday, September 27, 2010

My 3Rensho Tarck frame up for grabs!

As much as it pains me to do so, I've got to let go of one of my favorite steeds:

56cm CTC TT, 54.5 CTC ST..

$1200 takes it F/F and 7710 DA headset. Shipping NOT included!

It's in AWESOME shape with NO DENTS and only minor scratches here and there. Long wheelbase too which is great for cruising in the streets. I can include some Nitto bars, DA seatpost, Yellow Turbo saddle and yellow tufo tubulars and yellow toshi straps and buttons for a bit extra..

Easily one of the nicest one's I EVER seen and prime example of Yoshi Konno's work:

It's got this super subtle two tone paint job that just SLAYS you in the sunlight. You can kinda see it if you look hard in the photos. SO. FRAKING. AWEZOME!!!

I really fucking hate to part with it but it just doesn't get ridden much and I'm trying to stick with frames that are the best fit for me as possible. This is the last one I have that's a bit off..

That and I picked up another one a little while back that's a much better fit for me :-)

I plan on posting it on the bay next week along with a bunch of other stuff. Would MUCH rather it go to a good home and perhaps even to someone local..

Hit me up here if you have any questions:


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BOOM! this bike has always been a favorite of mine. here is the jersey to match:

She still has hers, all decked in panto rareness...