Monday, September 27, 2010

If you had been hanging out at my shop yesterday.. could've witnessed me running around and screaming like a little girl after I accidentally grabbed a super hot section of rear stay:


That's just the nasty blister on the outside. I managed to burn a good section of my thumbs inner web as well. Fucking. SUCKED. It even made that TSSSSS noise when I first touched it- nnNHYAAAHHAA!! So gnar..

In any case, I feel like no one ever really mentions safety outside of helmets and blinkers. That or it's all about the end product and craftsmanship. The truth is that a good portion of the tools involved in building bicycle frames etc can and will maim you every chance you give them. I'm just lucky cause the burn wasn't that bad. Mostly cause I didn't have to go switch-stance later on that night, hehe. In any case, it was bound to happen..

So no matter what your experience level happens to be- Make it a point to be mindful of your surroundings and careful as fuck with anything that has fire coming out of it or a really sharp high RPM rotary bit attached to the end. Most importantly: USE YOUR SAFETY GEAR! It certainly won't hurt as much as getting your dumbass burnt or cut the fuck up..

Having said all that, try to retain a little more dignity than myself if something does happen and don't let it discourage you from continuing your work!



Craig said...

I was getting a bit antsy waiting for the next blog post.this was not a disappointment. Any time line on that DIY mini tall bike walkthrough you claim you are working on?

CyclingWMD said...

Oh man yeah, I'm DYING to get to work on that post! It'll be a BEAST that's for sure. I've already taken all the pics and the frame is fully built. Just have some finishing work to do and then gather up the funds to get all the parts going for it. Soon man, real soon. Figure another couple of weeks at most. I'm so AMPED to get it out on the road!

gabrielamadeus said...

Safety gear my ass!

CyclingWMD said...

What? I've got my ear muffs on!

eherbivore said...

Get some pure Shea Butter from one of the street vendors. It should be more of a yellow color and not the white stuff that places in Whole Foods sell. Full of Vitamin E so it promotes healing and skin growth.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh thanks for the advice man! Tho to be honest, I kinda like looking at my now popped and crusty drying blister. Sorta reminds me of bacon- mmmmmmm!

((lyledriver)) said...

Oh man. safety is no joke. I've got big mental checklists I go over before and after welding, as well as grinding. I'm generally all by myself in the shop and could really really fuck myself up if I was careless.
I intend to keep all my fingers.