Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Sweet and Silver NAGASAWA on the bay!

DAAAMMMNN fine one at that!

Along with a bunch of Panto'ed Nagasawa parts too!!


I'd be all over that shit if A) The stem wasn't a 110, B) I didn't already have DA10 drive train on mine and C) Already have a fine saddle. Super wicked awesome to outfit a Nag with that's for damn sure!!

Oh and holy fucking wow does this dude ever have some other good shit up there as well!:

Check it all out on his sellers list!

..meanwhile, in Korea..


1 comment:

Andy said...

i've been riding that same raleigh frame for about 5 years now, its a solid frame. mines full campy minus the cranks which are now sugino 75 since i broke the crankarms on the campy. i'd love to see someone else riding that frame. buy it someone!