Monday, July 19, 2010

OT: The Town That Was - Centrailia, PA

For those of you unaware of the former town of Centrailia PA, I just noticed a great documentary about it on Hulu. Without spoiling it for you, Centrailia was once a thriving community. A rural coal mining town that's located on top of the richest vein of Anthracite coal on the planet. Anthracite is the oldest and purest coal on the planet. 96% of the US's and 3/4 of the world's, supply is located there. Which accidentally caught fire in 1962 AND HAS BEEN BURNING OUT OF CONTROL EVER SINCE..

Yeah, fucking gnarly right?!

This should give you a pretty clear explanation of the title of the documentary taken from a poem:

..and what prompted many of it's citizens to leave:

I was first made aware of Centrailia by my friend Kristen years ago and have been wanting to go visit ever since. In fact, she'll undoubtedly shit herself when she sees this post about the documentary and kick my ass via email about not having gone sooner..

In any case, I still want to go and one day I'll be up for a 3 hour drive to essentially no where to breath fucked up gasses and take creepy weird photos of abandoned buildings, highways and smoke randomly bellowing from the ground. I just hope I see John Lokitis there cause I'd like to shake his hand..


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d'emploi said...

got some fam from mt carmel, just outside. def an eerie spot to hang out, no wonder most people opted out no? and those few proud ones that hang on...