Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OT - A Reasonable Facsimile..

A few weeks ago I decided it was about time I get some sort of seating going on in my backyard. Mostly for when I have friends over for BBQs and such. Not being one for spending a lot of money for some random cheap crap or overpaying for typically boring wooden shit, I decided to scour the interwebz for some DIY instructions or something. It took me a while of sorting through average boring shit before I spotted this rather awesome design:

However, this is where it gets interesting since there were no instructions or dimensions or any info on how to build them. Only the $1200 price tag FOR ONE. Naturally I was pretty bummed since it's a really great design. I would credit the dude who came up with it but I don't recall how I found the bench in the first place..

Anyways, I looked around hoping I would find a side view to get a better idea as to how it was constructed. Luckily I came across this:

Which came in SUPER handy when attempting to transfer the angles and dimension into an actual mock up. I messed around with some cardboard, ruler and protractor until I got things about where I wanted them and felt they looked best/closest to the original. Then used some scrap wood to build a prototype of sorts to actually sit in before going to town on the treated lumber I purchased the next day..

Now, please keep in mind that I obviously wasn't going for the same smooth lines and perfection as the original. Esp since all I had at my disposal was a circular saw and drill! I just wanted something cheap, effective and different for my backyard that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I for one was thrilled with the results:

Not bad for no instructions huh??

Took me a little while to figure it all out but once I did it built up quick! I actually bought and cut enough wood for a second one but I haven't had any free time to assemble it yet..

So yeah, nothing like the original but since all the wood and screws for TWO complete benches cost me like $70 bucks total, I'm cool with spending the difference on MOAR BIKE PARTS!!!

Also, shit is ALL types ah comfy to chill on! My friends were diggin' it post Slacker Ride :-)

If anyone's seriously interested in building a set of these for themselves I can add my measurements and angles to this post for further replication..

UPDATE: People have been asking about making their own bench using my dimensions as a short cut. Be sure to check out this DIY post featuring the specs and assembly to make your own!



robertnandre said...

The bench turned out really nice. How comfortable is it? You should check out StudioMama, a design firm out of the UK that made a bunch of DIY designs utilizing wooden pallets. The best is the low chair:
I have the plans if you want to take a look.

CyclingWMD said...

Thanks man! and yeah, it's wicked comfy. Some cushions would be nice but it's fine without. I'll have to scope that site out. I dig the pallet chair for surely, so great!!

Nick Cecchi said...

That's pretty sick and for pretty cheap, too.
If you are ever looking for other designs for indoor or outdoor shit, check out this project of 10 benches I did. You can have CAD, and (where applicable CAD/CAM plans for them) will full documentation. They are all of different construction, so it gives you really diverse options. Not trying to plug anything, just sharing some designs with other DIY/ cycling people.
and there's a free overview here, since it was done at a University.
http://architecture.tulane.edu/events/exhibitions/699 (there's two viewable PDF's)

Peter Hamtramck said...

Whoa, great looking bench! Measurements and angles would be great.

I've been wanting to try a duplicate version of this picnic table design by Taku Shinomoto. It looks like it's made from 1x12s and 1x8s so it should be pretty easy to replicate.

CyclingWMD said...

Thanks for the links guys! Be sure and check back for a future post about the specs and assembly so you can make your own :-)

I am said...

Nicely done! Just one thought: do you think they'll hold up without a center support? I'd be a little worried, but I'm used to building for hugely over weight opera singers at work, so I'm guessing I'm biased.

My hat's off. Well played.

Alex said...

You may want to consider a third leg/support in the middle. Yours is made of softwood, while the one you based it on is hardwood and so stiffer. The difference may not be there at first but i guarantee you once it sits outside a bit and has a few people sit on it you'll get some sag.

CyclingWMD said...

Alex and I am - First of all, thanks guys and good points! I kept in mind that weight could be an issue when I was building it. I decided to make it only 6' wide and placed the feet about 10" in from each side. The part where you sit is made from one 2"x 8" and one 2"x 6" piece of treated outdoor lumber. It doesn't sag at all right now and I honestly doubt it ever really will. It's just for occasional use by my various 90lbs cycling friends, hehe. In any case we'll see. Putting an extra support in there won't be a hassle if need be down the road..