Thursday, June 3, 2010

Something amazing and something AMAZING!

First of all, these dudes are pretty amazing with their putzing skillz:

Tim and Eric - Roger of the Month Mar 2010 - Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Then, this dude gives Rodney a SERIOUS run for his money:

The finger flips and primo slides fucking SLAYED ME- SO GNAR!!!

Thanks to Morgan for that last one!



Craig said...


the airwalk at the end was just like N64 tony hawk. incredible

phil g. said...

Dude. holy shit. Best skate vid I've seen in awhile. I love flatground/technical skating. Primo off the stairs was sick!

Kevin said...

These videos got me so stoked on skating again! So rad to see people doing ridiculous stuff like this. The second dude was awesome. Primo off the stairs and rocking a Tracker shirt! YES!

garr1s0n said...

first thing, the dude in the second video kills it with the freestyle.

second thing, the loading dock to nissan stanza burnout fucking slayed me hahahaha

bart said...

The mmusic of the outro kills it... Excellent skate stuf as well...