Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Philadelphia / NJ Shore weekend snaps..

Right, so this past weekend I decided to head on down to Philly with my lady friend to hang for a day, visit some pals along with a spending some time hanging at the Jersey shore. No not that Jersey Shore! The weather was great so a nice time was had by all..

First, a stop a Bilenky Cycleworks to say what's up to the guys..

Steve and Simon conferring on what's sure to be another lovely creation..

I was originally planning on picking up my Custom Bilenky but it turns out it'll be on display at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia til the end of this month. I didn't get to check it out since they were closed so if you're in town or a local, def be sure to check out Bilenky's RIDE YOUR BIKE display there and take some snaps for me!

Joel at Via Bicycle sifting through drawers upstairs for some random tid bits for me..

While the tid bits were not found, I did however LOOSE MY FUCKING SHIT when I spotted this:

Right about now you might be wondering why I would be freaking out about finding a Dura Ace 10 Front wheel laced to a vintage Araya tubular rim with tied and soldered spokes? That's because you may recall my purchasing THE EXACT SAME REAR WHEEL at the Brooklyn Bike Jumble a few weeks back. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT I FIND THE EXACT SAME MATCHING FRONT WHEEL??!!! AAAAHHHHH BIKE NERD OBLITERASHUN!!!!! I felt like a robot that explodes trying to figure out a unsolvable question. Also picked up a NOS DA10 15T cog while I was at it..

All I can say is that Via Bicycle IS THE NUMBER FUCKING ONE BIKE SHOP IN THE WORLD (or at least on this coast) and should be considered as a top destination to all super nerdy cycling enthusiasts..

Then Joel let me borrow his French Townie to cruise around with:

yyyyyeeeeoooowww! Fun and stylin'!!

Which also pretty much sums up Bicycle Revolutions:

Brian's pooch was a bit camera shy but I still managed to get a snap:

He had some of these IRD campy retro track cranks which I was pretty stoked on. Very nice work! Love to try some out..

The last time I was in Philly I noticed Brian opened up a boutique across the street. It was closed that time but I got to check it out this time and it's pretty awesome!

Lotsa great shit inside!

This is where all the Philly people get to rag on me for being a cliché touristy douche but I don't give a shit. The Famous Fourth Street Deli is within spitting distance of Brian's two shops, is hella good and the portions are retardedly huge at best..



I slayed half of both of those..

Then we slayed THE BEST rasberry sorbet EVER at the Franklin Fountain:

Since for whatever reason I didn't take any photos for the rest of the day, night or morning, you'll have to just do some imagining in this space. After said fantastic sorbet I got super frustrated with talking to an woman who barely spoke english over the phone about finding a hotel room, hung up on her and then found one myself. Then drove to said crappy hotel by the airport where there were TONS of little kids and the walls were paper thin. I mostly felt bad for our neighbors- mwahaha! Then the next day we checked out this place called Ants Pants Cafe for some brekkies. Shit was wicked, wicked good. There was this cute tattooed waitress that appeared to be in dire need of a good spanking.. Okay so you may want to avoid imaging that last thought cause even I'm a little disgusted by it.. Disgusted in a stoked on being so disgusted with myself kinda way tho ;-)

ANYWAYS.. Saw this HUUUUGE bike mural on the way out of town:

Detail shot here. Just wish I wasn't such a lazy fuck and spun around the block to take a snap of the crank set corner. Shit was awesome!

Hung out on the beach in Ocean Grove NJ for a bit before walking over to Asbury Park to check out how things have changed. Somethings never change tho:

Creepy ass face.. A big part of me wishes it could've just stayed being the greasy abandoned shithole it's always been know for being. So much radder back then. Now it's all like, lame ass wanna be miami beach or some shit..

I was kinda jealz about Uncle Sam's whip:

What is that supposed to be- a set of Lew Racing wheels on an Iver Johnson or some shit..?

Lastly is this photo I'm pretty stoked on of some cotton candy ice cream:

Pretty bizarre huh..? WISH I took that with my MKII instead of my G10. Also REALLY WISH it wasn't set to hi-res JPG instead of RAW for some reason dammit! Eh.. still looks pretty nice tho..

In any case, I spent the rest of that weekend at my place putzing around, BBQing and working on bike shit. Hopefully I'll have time for some more builds pics real soon..




Craig said...

great post yet again! that mural is probably the best (cycling) mural i have ever seen!

phil g. said...

Philly is awesome! Its such a nice break riding around there than here in NYC. I'll have to check out the fourth street deli next time I'm there. We're usualy stuck in "what cheese steak place to eat at" mode. Great post!

CyclingWMD said...

Thanks a lot guys! Philly really is a great fucking town. Esp if you're super sick of NYC's constant BS. I could def use some new suggestions of places to hit so be sure to let me know of anything cool. Oh and Pat's is where it's at for cheese steaks!

Jose said...

Come on a Tuesday night. At Midnight there is a ride (some people race) from the Art Museum to the Pretzel Factory on Washington Ave. It cuts right through the city. Plus the pretzels are hot out of the oven and like $.35. After everyone hangs out and talks bikes.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh dude that sounds pretty awesome! Send me some more info/links when you get a sec and thanks for letting me know about it!!

Peter Hamtramck said...

Just moved to Philly and I've seen that sliver Frenchy bike locked up around. It's a sweet ride, I'll have to check out Via Bicycle ASAP.

CyclingWMD said...

Oh nice one man! Def check it out when you get a chance. They don't just let anyone upstairs since it's a disaster but if you chat em up a bit they might give you a little tour..

Jose said...

Theres not really a link. Everyone just knows and meets up around 11:30 at the art museum. Next time I'll try and grab some pics if I can get a camera.

bluru said...

That sandwich is sick. Must be a pound and a half of pig on there. I can't. even. imagine.